Tuesday, November 30, 2010

how much for that tan

Getting sunburned might cost you more than pain.

Don't know if John Boehner has been told yet, but he might indebted to a Spanish woman who declared ownership of the sun.

The Time.com article quotes her as saying:
"There was no snag. I backed my claim legally. I am not stupid. I know the law," she said. "I did it but anyone else could have done it. It simply occurred to me first."
Ok maybe what she said lost something in the translation.  Really, you can just get up one day and decide you own the sun.  What are you some type of sun goddess?

Another example of "a few clowns short of circus", if you ask me.

Oh, just in case anyone starts a trend with this.  I hereby claim ownership of the black hole located at the center of our galaxy and will be sending out invoices for orbiting travel time once I figure out the rate.

I guess Sheryl Crow had the right idea when she told us to soak up the sun while it's still free.  Also people, lighten up already.


unknownmami said...

I claim ownership of the clouds. My head is always in them.

Dwmatty said...

Great idea. I lay claim to the air. Every breath you take, I get a piece of the pie. I expect to be rich in less than a day.

Prothom Alo Jobs said...

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gaelikaa said...

I claim ownership of the furthest possible galaxy. Several million light years away. No make that a billion!

lisleman said...

I should have asked the readers to make a claim as a few have done.
There is so much of the whole universe to claim that if all earthlings staked claim to one item there would still many planets worth of stuff to claim. It's a big place.
Now could you get OUT OF MY CHAIR, I was sitting there first.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Unknown Mami's comment is perfect. (She's good!)
Can I claim laughter?
Cheers, jj

lisleman said...

Yes I agree but I thought her head was always in a paper bag.
Laughter - everybody should have more of it but it shouldn't be owned by anyone. Of course owning the sun is just as illogical so sure it's yours, but if you ask for a payment, I'll just laugh in your face.

Lilly said...

Oh is that the reason why we are not getting any sun over here, we havent paid our bill....love Sheryl Crow

lisleman said...

That's right but I could probably loan you some to help out for a day or two.
- George Clooney

dave hambidge said...

John Boehner

connection please?

lisleman said...

sure - I avoid politics here but this doesn't refer to his politics just his tanning. Mr. Boehner (pronounce Bane - er) will be the next speaker of the house and he has been photographed looking almost orange at times. He spends too much time in the sun I guess.
BTW, did you hear about President Obama's fat lip?

dave hambidge said...

Got it. Yes did hear about The Commander in Chiefs facial damage. Presumably the offendinf person is now in Gitmo?

Barbara S. said...

Wow, I hadn't heard about this! I'm always last to a sale... (if the moon is still up for grabs, I claim it!!)

lisleman said...

oh no problem it has not shown up on this list yet. So would you expect royalties for any songs involving the moon?

secret agent woman said...

I am taking the rest of the unclaimed universe. Why limit myself?

lisleman said...

what will people say? Didn't you learn to share?
But your answer does show how illogical this Spanish woman must be.

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