Sunday, May 22, 2022


My guardian angel is still hanging with me and we keep on keeping on. Honestly, I’m very doubtful about this guardian angel thing. But if I have one, no need to piss him or her off.

Eleven years ago the rapture was a viral internet thing.
Rapture marketing

Rapture by robot

This rapture idea seems very weird in today's world. I posted about the lack of anything extraterrestrial happening back in 2011. Here’s the poem I wrote about the rapture that didn’t happen. 
failed rapture poem by lisleman (May 2011):

Fear was their tool for capture
Of many minds regarding the rapture.
Unlike the time the story was first told
Our media connected world was quickly sold.
I consider myself an optimist
This end date doesn’t show on my list.
But on this day, I here confessed
About the rapture I became obsessed.
So another day I will grow
To watch time’s steady flow.
With much doubt ringing in my ear
Just leave me alone to finish my beer.

Maybe the problem is the devil is in the details. 
Often in life you need to get right down to the real nitty gritty. This clip is worth watching to hear Peter Lawford say “interpretation of the nitty gritty”.


Thursday, May 05, 2022

one word too many meanings

Maybe you don’t give a shit. Maybe you find my blog the shit.

Whatever. What the shit?
Shit you say.

Yes you are correct. This post is about shit slang. Have you seen the pile of poop emoji? It’s so popular they sell bean bags resembling it. Maybe you have sat on one.

Looks soft but don't get too deep in it.

There are other slang words with multiple meanings and usage but shit is the shit. Instead of getting too deep in shit I’ll just share this youtube video I discovered recently. It’s long for a youtube video, 13 and half minutes. The video is by “Rachel's English”.

Her self-help videos are offered as an online American English pronunciation resource. I learned some of the latest slang and got a few laughs too.

If you had the time to watch the clip you now know some shit. Hopefully this post didn’t stink too bad.

Sunday, April 24, 2022

an odd activity

This fool on the hill sees many odd activities as the world spins around. I don't profess to judge what is and what isn't odd. Also, over the years what was odd before doesn't seem so odd anymore.

some find it odd that I pose with painted horses

I say that's a bison bull

Readers of this blog may remember past posts that were based on stories from the "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" radio show. Here's another one.
I heard about Desert Sitting (or Competitive Sitting?) on a recent broadcast. While I don't predict this activity to become a trend, who knows. I have practiced sitting for years. This version of the common non-active activity seems odd.
The essential parts of this activity is sitting and time. "Competitive desert sitting pioneer Robert Silk..." clocked 14 hours and 27 minutes sitting in Joshua Tree National Park. Here's a trailer for a documentary on his record(?) event.

So far nobody has approached me about a documentary about my odd activities. I need to up my game and take one of them to the extreme. Hmm, I need to sleep on this. Maybe even sleep in.
Hey how about an odd comment from you?

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