Friday, July 03, 2020


Have I told you of my squirrel days?
Mixed nuts are the best.
Once upon a time, ...
Oh yeah some background. (just curious do you often start explaining something or telling a story and interrupt yourself to provide background?)

Not again!
Not again!

This picture was emailed to me from comedywildlifephoto.

If you haven’t seen their photo collection, check them out. Funny stuff.

Like most I put ideas of human feelings inside that squirrel’s head. Did the squirrel just realize he did something stupid?

Then my mind wandered to thinking about being a squirrel. I know I would still find many things to complain about. The picture has me wondering if squirrels complain.

I grew up with a big weeping willow in our backyard. Maybe the climbing of that tree left me with a connection to those great climbers called squirrels.

Idyllic memories

enough climbing for today

next time I want the apple crisp

fungi is tree related

fungus group includes yeast - yeast is used to make beer

fox tails are better than squirrel tails

a wood giant

Natural color

man-made color - what do squirrels think of this

tree art

more tree art

old tree art

The best tree is one you can lean on.

lean-on-me tree

Saturday, June 20, 2020

I'm just a blogger in a web of confusion

If I could sing, my wish would be to say, "I'm just a singer in rock'n'roll band".

their blog would have been fun to read

Recently, I replied to a blog comment with:
“Don't sit on those eggs of ideas too long. Let them hatch!”
Eggs of ideas?
Where did that come from? I don’t know, was it the three over-easy eggs I ate today?

You probably heard about many different activities people were performing/creating (the able-to-stay healthy ones) during the stay-at-home period.

Of course one requires a decent level of motivation to accomplish many of these activities. I need the motivation bar to be set a very LOW. I'm not jumping. More likely tripping.

Now one day I managed to create a video for the grandkids. I had two things - a hope they might find it interesting and lots of pennies. Here's that video:

Today I found a video of a high school kid who built an amazing gadget during his stay-at-home. After watching I thought he probably was in college but according to his profile he's in high school (maybe he didn't update his profile).

He did have candy as a motivator. Take a look at his automated M&M launcher:

Not only did he cover the physics of trajectories but also added in a quick comparison to spring loaded candy launchers. The kid is motivated. I on the other hand, can stack pennies.

Tuesday, June 02, 2020

whatever NOTICE #2

A Few Clowns Short's first notice was issued back in 2015. It's still in effect but given these uncertain times I believe it prudent to reissue it.

Effective 2015-10-28 2020-06-02, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Lisleman will discontinue all telepathic services. I regret any inconvenience this may cause you, and I thank you for your loyal patronage. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a customer service representative. But realistically, good luck doing that since the customer service position was never filled.

Longer term, my proven four pillar strategy and relentless focus on execution will continue to drive this blog toward…

Oh crap, just check in once in awhile. Who knows I might surprise you and assemble a few words into an enjoyable read. 

Meanwhile enjoy some relaxing music.

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