Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Have you ever thought

Hey kids, have you ever thought that the people who seldom post on Fakebook are out having fun in real life?
That thought just flashed across a few of my brain cells.

While in blogland I assume that a blogger who has not posted in awhile probably just got busy in real life. Or maybe went to the darkside of Fakebook. Fakebook is very different, even dangerous at times. Not that I have a good handle on either FB or blogs. The last good handle I handled was that long part of my hammer.

Since (I’ve read this somewhere) most FB users access FB on their smartphones maybe a period without FB activity just indicates a dead battery. I only access FB from my laptop which I’m using enough as it is. My blog posting is not mobile. Really my online life is not very mobile and that’s the way I prefer it to be. I prefer blogs post because they take more time and thought to post.

who needs a silly smartphone

Imagine me, the-one-who-resisted-the-trend giving advice on smartphone usage. I made a living on technology. My engineering career focused on telecommunications and software.

About apps (yes apps not abs) - We had an interesting rush hour adventure with Google maps yesterday. The too often non express expressways around Chicago can really blow a trip to a live performance. Let’s move it along here we have tickets to a show.

The genius of Google maps told us it was better to exit the expressway, travel some side streets (with exciting traffic lights, left turns and plenty of traffic) then get back on the expressway. We tried it one time on yesterday’s trip. I’m sure it wasted even more time. Then a few miles down the road it suggested taking an exit again.

“What should we do?”, she asked.
“Turn off Google maps!”, I replied.

My advice - don’t put FB on your smartphone, don’t leave the location setting on all the time, don’t get dependent on GPS mapping service, learn how to use maps and finally use sunscreen and blog on.

my advice - try BOTH

 Joke alert
(don’t worry it’s not political)

Late one day, my friend gets pulled over for speeding. This tired looking state trooper comes up to the window. As he hands back the license he says, “My shift ends in a few minutes so if you can give me a reason for speeding that I have not heard, I’ll just give you a warning.”

My friend thinks for awhile and tells the officer, “My ex-wife left me and married a state trooper. I saw your flashing lights and thought it was him bringing her back.” No ticket for my smart thinking friend.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

you can't buy

While queued for the checkout yesterday,... (why don’t we use the word queue more here in the US? If you like read that last bit as “waiting in line for the checkout”)
Anyway, I’m standing there looking at all the impulse buying items which apparently includes gift cards. I have bought many gift cards over the years but never on an impulse. That said, I don’t know of a better place to put a rack of gift cards. Now where was I in this story. Oh yeah.

I spot this empty peg hook that has a small tag hanging at the very inside spot. Maybe it’s a placeholder tag? The small tag reads, “Instant Happiness $25”. Now I’m wondering was that a real gift card I’ve never heard of before. Another customer lines up behind me who appears to be similar to me in age. I turn to this brother-from-another-mother and tell him that they have sold out of instant happiness and point to the empty spot. He laughs. Then I continue with “and it was only $25”. “That’s why they sold out” he jokingly replies.

Now I started to title this post "I don’t get out much". But that’s all relative. I did do a quick image search on “instant happiness gift card” and found my answer. Well I’m not sure it really is instant happiness but I do enjoy Chipotle’s burrito made with barbacoa.

On the subject of image searching (oh didn’t you know we were on that subject - pay attention) do an image search on “you can’t buy happiness” and you’ll see all types of signs. They are mostly in the form of “you can’t buy happiness but you can buy ____ “.

Penny for my thoughts? Actually they are free on my blog posts. I do appreciated donated comments from the readers. Your comment donation is not tax deductible. Be satisfied in knowing your comment is contributing to the preservation of blogs.

Any airline pilots out there reading this? I was listening to a discussion on distracted driving (a serious problem for us). One expert/panelist/random caller, mentioned that talking on the phone has the benefit of breaking up the boredom of driving. A call can leave us more awake/alert.

My disjointed train of thought delivered up this question: Do bored airline pilots cruising on a long flight ever play the “I spy” game for fun?

Clap along if you know what happiness is to you. Not a burrito!

Thursday, May 04, 2017

the answer to

Does the question matter? Who has time for the details of a question? Just throw out an answer. 

Egg is a good answer.

walking on egg shells

Now I have one less egg to fry.

Marilyn McCoo lovely singing voice would leave me forgetting breakfast.

Yes I know the song conveys feelings. I’m not sure about the woman's part in this relationship. She seems obsessed with breakfast and ringing bells. Certainly she would have more important things than eggs in her diet to think about. Apparently the man of her life left her but the song doesn't provide any hint for his reason to leave. How bad was her fried egg dish? Did she ever offer omelets? However she appears willing to pick up after so the guy maybe missing out a good deal.

“Hey Joe, you still seeing her?”
“No we broke up but I was one omelet away from proposing.”

Here’s a completely unrelated question that I found in Eric Zorn’s best tweets list:
Did it bother anybody else that the guy from that Operation game was clearly wide awake?

I need one less song to think about. However I would love to have one MORE comment to reply.

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