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I was not born lisleman. I moved there. I was born a baby. I started breathing air more than seventy years ago. Oh if you happen to read a news report about "Lisle man" please notice my moniker is one word, Lisleman. I'm not responsible for my crazy neighbors.

Sha la la lala live for today.

One of the best things of my life (everyone's I think) is learning. I like science especially physics. Don't ever stop asking why because there is an endless amount to learn. I've made it to my 50th high school reunion and still met new people. I'm very proud that a couple of our daughters are teachers.

I've accepted that we all have different talents. Most of time this works well for everyone unless your talent is illegal.

Blog on and don't lose that linky feeling.

Does anyone read this far down on these things? I should hide a secret password to a bank account with some money in it. Anyone have a spare bank account I could link to?

Well since you have read this far down, why not just read some more? Yeah go for it.

I don't consider this a "daddy blog" but I'm a dad many times over and very proud of it.  I really enjoy the interactions (ah that means comments) that this blog provides. The Lisleman's Basement Corner of Fame offers a good selection of my blog writing. My basement offers me a relaxing place to be sloppy and not care.

I try to post light stuff most of the time. Many times I write about my observations of life and our society. Life is a gas that potentially can come out foul and disgusting. I would rather skip over those parts, hold my breath for a bit and move on to better things. Sometimes you're upwind but other times downwind.

I've always enjoyed parodies. I started writing a few and posting them here. I've discovered many people don't bother to listen to the lyrics. Yeah, I know lyrics can be difficult to understand in some songs. What does "ouga chaka" really mean? I do enjoy digging into lyrics and a pint of rum raisin ice cream. You can discover new meaning in old songs. If you do, post it on a blog, let me know, I'll comment about it.

Excuse me while I kiss this guy. That was not what Hendrix sang. Care to read (I can't sing. I'm not sorry but my singing is.) my parodies? Click on the tag/label music.

I play around with electronics and motors.  I had a good engineering career once.  After I get a collection of a few “bots”, I post a youtube clip of them.  Click over here to view.

My taste in music is eclectic, but I limit my beer drinking to good stuff from smaller breweries.

I am was on G+ but G+ is no longer.

If you want to know more about "A Few Clowns Short" blog origin click here.

If you want to know more about me, click on the tag/label “memories”.

If you don't know what you want then start a blog.

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