Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Feedback can be amazing

Back in the sixties I was amazed by Jimi Hendrix’s innovative use of feedback to create his unique sound. This post isn’t about that type of feedback that I enjoyed then. It’s about human feedback I enjoyed recently.

Out of the blue a couple of days ago, I opened an email from an unknown sender. The email was titled, “One of your old hexbug videos”. My initial thought was what a strange scam email.
No, the email was a surprising positive feedback message. It didn’t take much reading before my thought became this personal message is amazing.

I reread this sender's line a few times: “Something you did changed my life and I wanted to thank you for that.”

I suspect if you reflect long enough, you’ll recall a time that your actions/words probably had a positive effect on a person in your life. Of course, some (thank goodness for them) expand their positive influence beyond their close group. This email started me thinking I might be able to join that impressive group.

This “life changing” action was something I created back in 2011. It was a short video that I hope would be enjoyed by others and maybe bring a few readers to this blog. It was fun to make. Here’s the video.

He explained in his message:

"...I liked hexbugs and did the same thing you did by modifying them. I had several of your videos but the video "fun with hexbug nano and other home made bots" was my favorite as there was something about your video which made me happy..." 

"In 2011, I had an extremely stressful job and at times, was having serious stress/anxiety problems...."
"...Your video always calmed me down when I played it. Over time, I memorized your video and also the song so I could mentally play it whenever I got overly stressed or anxious. Your video or my memory playback of it has worked for the last ten years."


I had no idea
Showing appreciation and gratitude benefits both sides. Little things can make a big difference. I once told a granddaughter during our discussion about the world that everyone should try to leave the world a better place.

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Feedback can be amazing