Friday, July 01, 2022

Cheers, The Billing Team

If you have any questions about this invoice, (some not toll free prefixed number) Toll-Free for help.
Just got an email from "the billing team" at a software company that I thought might not even exist anymore. I knew that I had NEVER purchased any of their products so it didn't take much examination to believe it was a dumb scam.
The first check I make is looking at the real "from" email address. I do this be clicking on the "from" email line. It is actually not hard to have your message show whatever you want on that "from" line. I played around with changing mine to Elvis.
Here's a selection from the spam email:

If you have any questions about this invoice, (Toll-Free) for help.
you have 24 hours to refund this charge from the transaction date without being charged.
It may take a few days for this transaction to appear in your account.
Please don't reply to this email.
The Billing Team 

Upon investigating the phone number I found the area code was for Hawaii (808). I'm guessing 808 looks like a toll free number. Of course many mobile plans today have unlimited free calling to any North American number so why bother?


Surf and Scam


At first I thought this scammer is living nicely in Hawaii. I later found I could even buy an Hawaiian area code number online (I didn't). The service is for businesses to appear local.

I didn't call "The Billing Team" number. I did forward the scam email to my internet provider Comcast.




The One-who-reads-fiction recently got David Sedaris's "Happy-Go-Lucky" book. I was flipping through it. It has an odd opening quote by Sigmond C. Monster. I googled it and found this interview of Sedaris on the daily beast. David tells a story about being at a book signing in London and asking the audience an odd request. 

I was talking about that onstage in London. And I said, "You know, when I sign your book, I’d love to know what you called a girl’s vagina in your house growing up." And every person had a different… not every person but, like, so many people had a different word, that was just a family word. I remember a neighbor of ours, growing up, said to her daughter: Suzie, get your hands away from your Suzie. I never heard anybody else call it a Suzie.

I laughed. Now I might never be able to meet a Suzie again without thinking of this.

Here's a song I discovered on youtube. It's different. It has no connection to anything else in the post. Enjoy.

I'm just Lisleman burning out his fuse up here alone

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Happy Father's Day

Another Father's Day.
They certainly mean more after becoming a father. Watching the younger fathers interact with the grandkids adds yet another dimension to the celebration.
I first posted a Father's Day feeling back in 2010.
Here's a bit of what I posted then:
I miss him.

A feeling that still surprises me because there was a period in my life which I remember well that I didn't think I would ever miss him. I was wrong.

good catch

Happy Father's Day to the dads, stepdads, single parents, and everyone who guides, educates, coaches, mentors, etc. the young people today who will be our future tomorrow.
Over the years, I come to realize that families are not as simple as those 1950's TV sitcoms. I believe it does take village of support to raise good citizens.
Enjoy and reflect on this song:


Sunday, May 22, 2022


My guardian angel is still hanging with me and we keep on keeping on. Honestly, I’m very doubtful about this guardian angel thing. But if I have one, no need to piss him or her off.

Eleven years ago the rapture was a viral internet thing.
Rapture marketing

Rapture by robot

This rapture idea seems very weird in today's world. I posted about the lack of anything extraterrestrial happening back in 2011. Here’s the poem I wrote about the rapture that didn’t happen. 
failed rapture poem by lisleman (May 2011):

Fear was their tool for capture
Of many minds regarding the rapture.
Unlike the time the story was first told
Our media connected world was quickly sold.
I consider myself an optimist
This end date doesn’t show on my list.
But on this day, I here confessed
About the rapture I became obsessed.
So another day I will grow
To watch time’s steady flow.
With much doubt ringing in my ear
Just leave me alone to finish my beer.

Maybe the problem is the devil is in the details. 
Often in life you need to get right down to the real nitty gritty. This clip is worth watching to hear Peter Lawford say “interpretation of the nitty gritty”.


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