Tuesday, December 01, 2015

coping mechanism

I’ve got to find a better coping mechanism
I’m falling apart, disintegrating in the schism

Have you heard the duet “Shovels and Rope” from Charleston, SC. yet? I don’t think I’ve mentioned them on this blog yet. According to wikipedia they are in the “folk” category. Well I’m no musicologist but their type of folk certainly isn’t that soft Peter, Paul and Mary type. I have a few of their songs in my iTunes list. I really like the lyrics of this one. Here’s a few lines:

...To be the victim of my personal delusion
Just to find that I’ve been living an illusion…

...I do my best to keep the confusion to a minimum
I’ll try not to be the monster of the millennium…

...Put your head down, wipe the spit out your eye
Ain’t nobody coming to your poor me parade...

Relate-able words? For your listening pleasure I’ve included their youtube clip.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

preschool cook

I gather from FB postings that this idea of asking preschoolers questions and writing down their thoughtful naive answers is becoming popular.

This idea is not that new. The radio and TV personality, Art Linkletter had a popular segment in his show called, "Kids Say the Darndest Things". I remember watching a few episodes as a kid myself.

Our 4year old preschool granddaughter gave this answer to the question, "How to cook a turkey". Fun assignments in preschool.

she drew a better table setting than I set

This idea had me off watching a few old Art Linkletter clips on youtube. Most of them were the same one copied over and over. Many had terrible sound issues. I finally found this interview of Art by Larry King that includes many kid interviews. Also, you learn a bit about Art Linkletter.  Enjoy

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

life is a rock

Some days I feel like my head is being squeezed against one. Then there are the days I feel like one fell on my foot. The best days are when I’m standing/sitting on one.

I got the best of these rocks

At least nobody has been throwing any rocks here.

Now I know you can't tell from my blog that I’m a slow talker. My pauses are not timed for dramatic effect either. No they just offer many opportunities for others to jump in and take control of the conversation.

Life is a rock.

If you were around listening to top rock and roll back in the 70’s you might recall the single by Reunion (just an ad hoc group of studio musicians), Life is a Rock But the Radio Rolled Me.

This music clip is a good example of the other extreme of my slow talk, quick patter set to music. Oh if you can’t pick up all the musical references in the song go over to wikipedia. They are listed out over there (link).

lighten up watch a slideshow