Monday, April 21, 2014

can you remember when

Such a lovely weekend. Finally a warm fresh breeze showed up to greet me. I probably set my mind down too long because my mindset is a bit off today.

Summer will be here before you know it. If I’m lucky she will take me to a beach. Life is often not much of a picnic but a good picnic can make you feel alive.

I remember back in my school days when Isabelle Tolling announced the class picnic.  It rang out through our group. Sara Party wouldn’t stop asking me about it but then she was always wanting to know what was happening.

We all wanted Freddy Fingers to miss hearing the news. However, hoping the party would go well into the night we made sure Bill A. Fryr got the news. He always was good for a match.

Joy Birdsong borrowed her dad’s car and flat out refused to let Iris Speeding drive it. They put the top down and cranked up the music. I enjoyed the ride from the backseat. I never figured why they picked up Ben Fardown. He was alright but I was leery of him being on the up and up.

Just as I dropped the blanket on the sand, I saw Holly Moses. Oh, her figure burned a hole in my brain. She commanded me to find her tanning oil. I suggested we just part the waves and chill. Tommy Quicktalk made a move and she was gone.

I tried a little beach volleyball but Carey Overtop spiked one on my face. The cold water eased the swelling. Isabelle was concerned about me. Even today if I pick-up a shell I can heard her sweet voice ringing.

No time to wallow in the mire - come on leave a comment!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

get yo fragments together

She-who-keeps-me-around recently had a birthday. One of her gifts was Mary Schmich’s book, “Even Terrible Things Seem Beautiful To Me Now”. On the back cover Mary Schmich writes, 
“For most of us, life is a hugely varied affair. … yet on any given day we think even more about family, food, money, the garden, the weather, that weird little pain that may mean something or nothing.”

Now Mrs. 4444 has not written a book (not that I know of anyway) but she has written many posts. Her blog is a hugely varied affair, I would say.  Her Friday Fragments collections bring together a variety of thoughts and images from many bloggers. I offer you this post to add to your variety.

Family member shared this with me - must be the name Billy

One of our daughters went to a roller derby event this past week. She brought back the program listing the teams. It’s fun just to read the player names. Two that stuck in my head are:
Sara Problem (best customer service name ever)
Sue Perduper

in honor of Easter week

Lisleman likes lyrics (potential blog name?) - Elton John’s song “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” has the words: 
“I’d just allow a fragment of your life to wander free”
"frozen here on the ladder of my life" 

All salesmen should ride bicycles. Then they would pedal while they peddle.

Sittin' here restin' my bones 
And these spammers won't leave me alone,
yes Two thousand posts, 
I hone 
Just to make 
this blog my own

Lisleman also likes (should a blogger write in the third person? how about the fourth?) funny ads. Humor adds to the appeal of an ad. I found this one on G+ today (thanks Bearman Cartoons) What do you think of this one?

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I’ve got a brand new post

I published my post at daylight. It almost seems like you are avoiding me. ….

Do you have a brand new comment?

Some people (not many) say that I’ve done alright for a blogger.

Any of you remember Melanie?

Her song “Brand New Key” is a potential earworm song. Some background for my younger readers:
The song in addition to having a great hook, describes a time before in-line skates. Back then we had skates that attached to the bottom of our sneakers.

from The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Melanie original hit version is still a favorite but recently I found a cover performed by the youtube hit star, Jessica Frech. If you have spent time on youtube in the past few years (who hasn’t?) you might have seen her big hit, “People of Walmart”.

It could of been worst.  I could have posted about the people of walmart.

lighten up watch a slideshow