Thursday, January 11, 2018

Library of indecision

Do you have such a library? Maybe just a collection?

The indecision related to this blog is the decision of my post topic. Could it be that when indecision halts your writing you should just write about the indecision?

Seems like a cop out. However this is a personal blog with loose rules.

One of my minor ideas which remains less than minor was the naming of new products. Do you need a bomb in your bath?

You can now buy 2-pack unicorn bath bomb for about $12. Oh joy of effervescent unicorns. Why call this a bomb? It’s not very destructive.

Oh rub-a-dub

With that out of the way, what’s with my library reference? I have enjoyed libraries from a young age. I doubt it’s the smell of paper. I rather think it’s knowledge on a shelf. Also, they are normally quiet enough places to gather your thoughts. Today we carry connected knowledge in our pocketed smartphones. I do hope libraries will survive this smartphone upheaval.

I still recall the trip my Aunt asked me to join her on to a college library. It was a day trip and I think she just wanted some company. Not sure, but I think I had just started high school at the time. I was impressed by the number of books. I surprised myself when I found my name in the card catalog (are you old enough to have used a card catalog?). There was another well published guy out there with my exact name. I found that interesting but not his publications. Looking up my name in the card catalog - the precursor to googling oneself?

During my recent local library visit I looked up a book by Steven Johnson that I read about online. Steven Johnson hosted a PBS series called “How We Got To Now” back in 2014. (hey do NOT come here for the latest on TV) His book is titled “Wonderland”.

Now for my attempt to tie all this together. I believe these bath bombs relate well to Johnson’s theme in Wonderland. Here’s a quote from the book:

“Because play is often about breaking rules and experimenting with new conventions, it turns out to be the seedbed for many innovations that ultimately develop into much sturdier and more significant forms.”
Johnson describes many examples of play and delight driving innovation. I find this bath bomb an invention for delight. I'm not suggesting these bath bombs are going to develop into anything other than clean freshen people but who knows. Automating the social comparison of college students eventually developed into Facebook. I've heard that's a big thing. Maybe unicornbath will be the next big bomb.

Monday, January 01, 2018

coming out of left field

Now we all knew 2018 was coming - right?

enjoying new 2018 bubbles

I didn't know I was going to discover a new song (new for me but much of the world has heard it) last night while I watched the ringing in the new year. So bitter cold here that the news programs constantly reminded us that it was the coldest New Year's eve since the 60's. News that certainly didn't make me any warmer.

Oh that song? From the group called "Portugal The Man". Now that's an interesting band name. If I had a band I might be inspired by them to name it "Lisle The Man". Alas no band. I often have trouble getting our Sonos player playing.

Here's that catchy tune with some great lyrics.

We could fight a war for peace 
Ooh woo, I'm a rebel just for kicks, now

Oh here's something out of left field (well the left field of youtube stadium) Meet Google Gnome.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Merry Christmas

Wishing you the best of whatever holiday you celebrate. If you celebrate with kindness and love then your activity should benefit the world around your celebration. Spread the joy.

Many unique ways to celebrate

Don't need a big tree but try for bigger than this

Hopefully family and friends will join you in creating warm fun memories. Here's a heart warming ad from the UK.

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