Friday, July 24, 2015

smartphone phase 2 or a fragment or 2

weighing options, making selections

Everyday we are making selections, deciding the next move, up, down, left, or right.  Often the choice only effects the taste of your lunch.  Other times it could result in you being lunch for a hungry animal.  Could you imagine what cavemen/cavewomen would have posted if they had blogs and could write?

They had much more to worry about than a slow internet connection.

The internet compared to ice cream - 
I enjoy both and both can give me a brain freeze.

The time had come to jump into the smartphone craze.  However I picked too big of a smart thing to handle.  The lack of reasoning behind my selection was explained in a previous post.

latter part of my career involved the engineering of the Airfone system.

I remember using IM back at my Airfone job. I didn’t see a big advantage over email but the boss was on it so I was on it. With JUST my old flip phone and it’s keypad with the fill-in/guess the word software I could text. Never long texts but I assumed texts were always supposed to be short. Most of my IM exchanges were through laptops. LOL OMG LMAO came from the IM short length texting world.

So now I finally concede and get a smartphone. Of course with it, texting now is easier and I’m more likely to express myself with whole words. R U gettin my pt.?

Will a smartphone fragment my mind even more?

I saw the smartphone trend growing rapidly.  I didn't want to stick my head in the sand.  Besides even using a flip phone under the sand is not easy.

The other day I had my first misdirected text exchange.  Sent a question to the wrong daughter.  The ease of sending text on this smartphone compared to my old flipper phone also makes to quicker to screw up.

I got a reply of "what".  Then I explained my question.  Then I realized I wasn't "talking" to the right person (remember how with voice conversations you often knew the other end's voice).  The damn smartphone outsmarted me.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

which-a-call-it Lisleman

Note: you may want to play the clip included at the bottom while you read/sing my version.

I am a blogger not a mountie and I post a good quip
Searchin' in the net for another viral clip
I hear you singin' on youtube, you sound better though wine
the which-a-call-it Lisleman still owns a landline

I know I need a small vacation, or I’ll be going insane
And if it snows that stretch down south I won't shovel, too much strain
And I post it more than tweet it, and I browse around all time
the which-a-call-it Lisleman still owns a landline
still owns a landline

I’ve never met Jimmy Webb but his songs bring back fond memories. One of his very different than this one is stranger and longer. (see my post on his MacArthur Park song).

Friday, July 17, 2015

rainy fragments

Is rain just fragments of a passing cloud? 
Are clouds the result of oceans exhaling?

Well who knows, not me. I do know that with Friday Fragment posts you can ask these off-the-wall, off-the-top-of-my-head, out-of-the-blue type questions. Click over to A Star In My Own Universe to find more FF postings.

taken from the Chicago Tribune years ago

More fragmented thought:

Happiness - I believe it’s personal thing that can spread when we share it. However, sharing it on social media probably has the opposite effect for others. I theorize it needs to be share in person in the real world.

The other day felt like I went to the circus but was seated in the cheap seats. Lots of commotion but couldn’t see a thing.

Oh did you happen to see my last post about getting a smartphone?  It was a big deal for me since I've held out this many years with just a simple flip phone.

Back in 2010 I learned that Bubble Wrap was celebrating its 50th birthday.  Here's link to that old post.

Simple addition tells me that celebrated being 55 this year.  I went over to their "Bubble Wrap Fun" web site and found a few guys being happy with bubble wrap:

lighten up watch a slideshow