Wednesday, August 15, 2018

It’s becoming a habit

(Notice - This blog is rated M for Mature. Annoyances such as, aches, sore muscles, the world going to hell, my body going to hell, why hell doesn’t exist so who cares, the weather, the dentist, ear hair, and other things I can’t seem to remember now but still piss me off, will often appear in postings.)

I like the slower lanes

While we are creatures of habit, we are also creatures that adapt to changes.

But when does an adaption become a new habit?

I didn’t see this coming. I’ve noticed a new habit forming routine - reminiscing and comparisons between the present and past events. Occasionally I ponder the future but not as much as years ago.

I realized many years ago that you can't drive very far just using the rear view mirror. (a post about that) I'm not sure why I seem to focus on the past more and more.

What’s the relevance of my rear view gaze? I don’t know but often I feel irrelevant. Retirement has the unwanted side effect of reduced relevance IMHO.

Slightly off the subject of these slightly off feelings - I believe people seek relevance on FB and Twitter. Maybe I even did with this blog long ago. The social media services are useful for sharing but they plenty of wasteful and sometimes dangerous aspects too. Any and all tools can be misused.

Blogging became a relevant hobby for me.

Our village hired a troll as a guard

I’m finishing up reading, “The Order of Time” by Carlo Rovelli (Italian theoretical physicist). I don’t know if a category philosophical physics exists but I categorize it as that. Now you might know or sorta recall that this Einstein guy revolutionized physics with his spacetime concept. This book explains how time in the spacetime of relativity changes and also how time doesn’t even exist at the fundamental quantum level.

I’ve mused about time in other previous posts. (notice if I had written “future” instead of “previous” the prior sentence would be considered nonsense - why is that?) Carlo elaborates on the idea that many physical interactions are time reversible. This time thing emerges because of heat and entropy. (here’s one of my related posts - take your time it’s about time)

Recently, a local PBS station was playing the show, “A Cat’s Attic Yusuf Cat Stevens”. It was part of a fundraising drive so it played a few times. Yusuf performs his great song book and also tells a few personal stories. He explained that his son got him to take up guitar again.

Lord, my body has been a good friend
But I won’t need it when I reach the end
Miles from nowhere,
Guess I’ll take my time
Oh yeah, to reach there

Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam)

It’s NOT now or never. For me, it’s more like now or in about 5 minutes. I must point out that a quick comment which is most appreciated can easily be done in less than 5 minutes but no rush, take your time not mine.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

A better position

The sleeping position works well for me. I’m probably in the sitting position too often too.

I’ve had positions of some authority somewhere in my past, I’m sure of it.

a bed or a bench?

A few thoughts to nibble at before I offer a more consequential one. Grab a drink, some might be a bit dry.

Walking on sunshine - certainly more stable than walking on moonshine.

Facebook confession: Bless me Facebook, it’s been 14 minutes since my last reaction to someone’s rant.

Poor Renee - So many people telling her to walk away. Wow, such a multitude of “Walk Away Renee” covers. And when I see the sign that points one way, I’m going to just stand, stare and cause a traffic jam.

Start playing bridge - I just discovered the game of bridge uses the terms, no-trumper and dummy. I’ve never even tried to play bridge but our dummy president doesn’t even make a good joker. It would be nice to have a no-trumper day.

When you retire you work by the hour. You punch out when you die.

I was just a kid with black and white TV when JFK was shot. I didn’t need technicolor to eventually learn that our world should not be viewed as black and white.

a sign found at an art museum

Now a slightly more serious thought regarding position. Are we/world/you/family/anybody in a better position today than a generation ago? Looking backwards can distort your view. The good stuff will appear larger in the rear view mirror. What exactly was better back then?

There are a few books out about this idea (I have not read them but did read a magazine article on this subject). Here’s my short take - yes in general we are in better position regarding life expectancy, crime, education, air quality and other stuff like availability of flavored yogurt. However, the better positions/conditions are not evenly distributed. Also, the billions of connected internet users become more aware of news. (first quarter of 2018, Facebook had 2.19 billion monthly active users - I didn’t know the number was that high) Since stories of tragedy, threats, disasters, deaths, and general awful events sell much better in the news business than the wonderful stories there are more people than ever before learning about awful stuff. It makes us think our world situation is very bleak.

One more thought about viewing/remembering the past. Often the bad times are forgotten more than the good times. (let the bad times roll??) The result of this is the past looks better than now. I reason this is because if the bad didn’t actually happen to you, you probably were upset because of its uncertainty. Uncertainty of possible bad events can be very scary. If that possible bad event never happens or at least if it doesn't happen to people you know, then later on you forget about it.

I recall a time when news organizations and government would worry about spreading a panic. Do they still worry about panics or have they discovered there is revenue in little panics?

Certainly we are better off. We have youtube. Ok here’s a cover (from Ally McBeal soundtrack) of that simple song about Renee and a street sign:


Thursday, July 12, 2018


I might have an art problem.

art satire?

seeing art

Best art since sliced bread

But at least I didn't typo art with a leading 'f'. (I might have that type of problem too - but it's just dietary) You see I've always had a tough time enjoying art. I grew up misinformed about art. I thought art was only that serious stuff enjoyed by stuffy people. I enjoyed art without knowing it was art.

Fortunately I discovered public art, street art and other varieties as a young adult. There is actually a vast amount of freedom within art. Now I've never attended an art school but I don't see how anyone could fail if they just showed up for class. A student could argue that their "failed" art was just misunderstood. I fail to understand how it could be graded. Now outside of school it automatically gets graded by it's appeal.

looking for tree art

Certainly writing is an art.

I don't consider my blog an art form. It's just a form of hobby with a positive feedback loop (please comment). However, I wouldn't stop you from calling my writing art if you wish.

tree art

The idea for this post came from an email recently deposited in my inbox. Mitzi at Artsy took the time to email me about an old post of mine.

Honestly, I was suspicious about the email and came close to discarding it as another spam email.

She told me she was researching Olafur Eliasson and found a post of mine. Who's Olafur Eliasson, I wondered as I check out her story.

Gee, my art cred is better than I thought.

The referenced post of mine, "a new name for an old thing" featured a picture of Olafur Eliasson's art I took while visiting the Tate Modern in London (I had some great biz trips years ago). My post included a link to the Tate's page about his art display. But I didn't even bother to mention the artist. I don't remember names very well and certainly remember few artists names. I included the photo I took there because it supported the theme of the post which was imagination.

big eraser art

If you browse over to the Artsy site, you'll discover a plethora of art, art shows, and art news. They support and promote art and artists. And more importantly at least one person at Artsy discovered my blog.

Art can be fun. I don't have an art problem anymore but I still need to watch what I eat.

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