Monday, June 27, 2016

Oh Jesus

Now I could easily do a post on the pros/cons of cursing but I’ll refrain. (refraining from actual cursing is a bigger issue of mine)

Also, the title doesn’t refer to any Hispanic friends of mine. I do find it interesting that other cultures can easily use a name that is special in a different cultures. Hmm, how would Lord G. Lisleman sound to you?

What’s in a name anyway?

For branding people - quite a bit. Big money and research often can go into brand names.

Yesterday and today I’ve found myself on FB more than usual. One reason for my recent FB activity was attending a high school reunion (might be a future post on that). Believe it or not, I can go days without checking FB.

While on FB I discovered brand Jesus is coming out with a new line of condiments. I’m still looking for their press release (probably takes longer to carve in stone) but I’m sure the Jesus brand will offer 10 condiments.

Here’s the first condiment:

not too spicy

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

the bonnie I never knew

Sad title? Trust me it's not a sad post.

walking to see the sea

Kids and grandkids often trigger memories of our own youth. Today I overheard our daughter singing to our baby granddaughter. She was singing “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean”. Instantly I remembered singing it as a child with the wrong words (sometimes I can't carry a tune or the words). I didn’t know a Bonnie so I thought the lyrics used “my body”.

Using the magic google window into the internet, I found this:

“When I was little I thought it was "my body lies over the ocean" I was a Dark child”

That was a comment left on a youtube clip of this Scottish folk song. Very reassuring that I was not the only one to hear “my body”. I never could figure out why someone’s body would lie over an ocean. It would be an amazing stretch.

I also learned that Bonnie probably refers to Bonnie Prince Charlie who was defeated in a battle and exiled.

Back when I first learned it was Bonnie, I thought like many do, that is was a love song. Now knowing of this exiled prince, I suspect it probably was a political song. Politics have been creeping into all aspects of life for a long long time.

I might just need to start working on an updated version:

My Obama lies over the ocean
My Obama lies over the sea
My Obama lies over the ocean
Oh, bring back my Obama to me.

my body lies over the hammock

Thursday, June 16, 2016

word pirate

I want to be a word pirate. I'll plunder your mind's thought treasure as you surf the web.

Where's the buried treasure in our blogland? The pop-up ads have made my treasure map unreadable. Screw the GPS let’s navigate by the stars.

Don't worry about me. I'm alright. If the past is any indication, my plan will go flittershitters quickly.

Change, switch, flip this topic. New terms everyday. Who reads the terms?

I read (they should just put out a video) that a vice president at Facebook predicted face-not-a-book will all be video in five years. If so, I’m dropping my membership. I still enjoy reading and besides I’ll still have youtube.

The phone line is becoming ancient terminology. An open phone line has been created. Call now. Have you ever heard of a closed phone line? We finally disconnected ours.

Ringing off the wall. Will future generations have a clue what that phrase means? (could they possibly have a clue if they never played the game?) Blondie's "call me" song becomes "text me" or "video me".

On the subject of phrases or terms - I recently discovered the origin of peeping tom. It appears Toms has been an innocently accused for centuries. Guess who is associated with peeping tom? 

Lady Godiva.

who said blondes have more fun?
By the 13th century her legend was known. She was protesting (great protest IMHO) oppressive taxation. Apparently she told everyone in the village to stay inside and away from their windows while she took her ride. Tom either didn’t get the memo or was just too curious. All the Toms since probably have dealt with unwarranted suspicions because of it.

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