Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I’ve got a brand new post

I published my post at daylight. It almost seems like you are avoiding me. ….

Do you have a brand new comment?

Some people (not many) say that I’ve done alright for a blogger.

Any of you remember Melanie?

Her song “Brand New Key” is a potential earworm song. Some background for my younger readers:
The song in addition to having a great hook, describes a time before in-line skates. Back then we had skates that attached to the bottom of our sneakers.

from The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Melanie original hit version is still a favorite but recently I found a cover performed by the youtube hit star, Jessica Frech. If you have spent time on youtube in the past few years (who hasn’t?) you might have seen her big hit, “People of Walmart”.

It could of been worst.  I could have posted about the people of walmart.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

he did become a brand

Maybe not a brand that you care for but still a brand.

In my last post about hobbies and this unusual LED illuminated mermaid I stumbled upon, I mentioned Hugh Hefner.  I consider him successful in business but I have my doubts if he had a very fulfilling life.  What do I know - not much how about you?  (a few of you left some good Hugh Hefner opinions in the last post)

Speaking of stumbling upon internet things - I just found this beer ad with Hugh Hefner.  He is funny in it.  The funny part comes from his "brand".  If you are unaware of his public persona then the ad is not as funny.  The ad wants you to believe even Hugh has "man cave" stocked with their beer. (oh the ad using music from another "brand" - Sinatra)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

hobbies on the cheap

Cheap gets a bad rap. Although not as bad as being called miserly.

Hobbies can often become very expensive. For example, Hugh Hefner had one of the most expensive hobbies (maybe dangerous too) there is - women.

Now I have never even considered an expensive hobby. I did enjoy a glider ride once and while I might do it again, it’s just too expensive as a hobby.

Blog writing (hey I consider this writing) is a fun inexpensive hobby. Having some type of hobby becomes more important when you retire.

In addition to my hobby of taking a long damn time getting to the point, I enjoy electronics and making gadgets. At various times in my career I was employed both as a soldering iron brandishing tech and a software coder. Let me tell you it’s easier to burn things with a soldering iron than a piece of software code. However, either task can burn out a circuit.

More to the point now. Last fall I picked up a popular (if you ever heard of it please let me know since I’m curious how popular) hobbyist device called the Arduino. It’s a microcontroller board with a big community of support. I’ve programmed it to control things from displays to a camera.

Not surprisingly the Arduino website has a blog about the various gadgets being created with the Arduino system. It was on that blog where I found this mermaid.  Yes, a mermaid!  She goes by "Glimmer the Mermaid" and has an entertainment business.  Glimmer illuminated her fin with multicolored LED lights controlled by an Arduino board.

Afterthought (after I clicked publish button)  -   I don't plan on making any fins but I consider the multicolored LED devices as one of the best inventions.  I suspect the mermaid suit was quite expensive in both time and money.  Very unusual too.

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