Monday, January 26, 2015

memories in the air

Change is in the air.  I've heard that before.  I might have even repeated it myself.  Change is always around the corner but most of the time we don't notice it much because it often amounts to pocket change (that's another phrase that will become obsolete in our future of smartphone cashless transactions).

inflight wi-fi killed it

Last week the news of SkyMall's bankruptcy spread through the news media more than most bankruptcies.  It reminded me of the extensive coverage when the Hostess Twinkies company was crashing (2012).

The SkyMall catalog was known to most travelers crisscrossing the US.  I got to know it well from my career at Airfone.  I would describe SkyMall's offerings as strange non-essential overpriced items.

Had Airfone back in 2006 been able to pull off our plans to fly the internet, we would have been the ones to hasten SkyMall's demise.  The Airfone internet project is related directly to the origin of this blog.  If interested please read the "short background" page.

When I read (Chicago Tribune) Mary Schmich's column on SkyMall Sunday, I had to post something about it on FB for my fellow ex-Airfone co-workers.  I confirmed that Airfone and SkyMall did have a business arrangement.  Calling SkyMall from our in-the-seatback phone was offered free.  I thought that was true but wanted to check with others since I was not directly involved in that setup.

When I flew I used a company maintenance card and typically annoyed family and my siblings with calls from the air which were free for me.  (see this post about that)  

typical looking Airfone equipment

The Wired site ran a great personal story on SkyMall.  In it the author, Emily Dreyfuss wrote:
"...I just remember the elation of picking up the phone in the back of the headrest on the Delta plane and calling a human being from the air. The line cracked, but from down deep below the thin air, a woman’s voice said, “Hi, thanks for calling SkyMall.” Outside the window, smog and clouds skidded past and I was talking on the telephone to a human being who was going to send us presents!
The possibilities in life were limitless."
I also found this video clip about SkyMall at the Washington Post web site. It's entertaining and informative.

Do you have any SkyMall memories?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

does a friday fragment you

At the end of most any week you will find me posting fragments for Mrs. 4444 blog's collection of Friday Fragments. I did it again.

very honest student

I forget where I saw the above picture of a science fair poster. It gave me a good laugh and I downloaded it.  I think I found it on FB.  The chart should show the vertical and horizontal scales but I suspect the shape of the curve is correct.  The yelling and crying would go up exponentially as the due date nears.

I often remember odd things about bloggers I follow.  Does anyone recall that Lisleman was a science fair judge two plus years ago?  Here's that post.

when the men on the chessboard

My caller ID shows I got a call from “FINAL NOTICE”. I’ve found that final notices are not very often final. I would not be surprised if “FINAL NOTICE” calls again. If they do call, I might answer and give them my name as C. F. Eyecare.

get up and tell you where to go

To all my smart app friends I feel bad that your neck is strained from looking at your app so much. texting pain in neck report

and you just had some kind of mushroom

I enjoy grilled mushrooms on steak or a good burger.
Did my post get your mind is moving? Ooooh, go ask Alice I think she will know.

Oh don’t go chasing rabbits. Consider this your FINAL NOTICE.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Newtonian motion

Let’s get physical.

Isaac Newton long ago wrote some laws regarding motion. His third law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  It's a fundamental law for space travel.

But what about the space your midsection occupies?

a beer ice cream experiment

A new law should be introduced. I’ll call it Lisleman’s third law because he forgot the first two.
For every inaction there will be eventually a bad reaction from looking in the mirror.

Einstein introduced the spacetime concept. Most of us today find as time passes that space around our midsection expands.

Now that my mid-section has expanded over the years (dark energy expansion?) I wonder if I can call a t-shirt a t-shirt. I don’t know what letter to use. It appears more like an ‘A’ with a dull top or maybe a ‘B’ with a large bottom.

Poetry in motion, lovely locomotion, my motion is not. Ok, my motion was never really poetry. However, I’m not broken down like a train wreck yet.

Next time I should try to work the fig newton into this.


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