Thursday, December 02, 2010

what do I hear for this fine fragment

Auctions and Antiques Roadshow should be combined so we could know if those appraisals are even close.  If you have never seen this PBS show well just read on - these are fragments not wiki pages.

Friday Fragment (FF) time again.

Thanks Mrs. 4444. I found out Mrs. 4444 does not play sudoku. She already has enough numbers. 

Hmm, do you think she ever owned an Olds 442?

Mommy's Idea

I was flipping through cable channels discovering that more channels just means more crap. I came across the Brazil Butt Lift. Ok, I’ll admit the info-commercial did provide some eye-candy. I kept expecting the trainer guy to grab her butt and lift her. I’m sure some women would pay to have some buff Brazilian lift their butts.

Lets play TSA - I hope that doesn’t become the new version of “Lets play doctor”. Did you hear that airports in artsy locations will sketch you naked instead of body scanning?

I can’t blog

Any followers remember the Chicago eyeball?

It was dismantled a few weeks ago. Well actually right now I’m more interested to know if you remember my ICB blog idea that used that eyeball picture?   (it's been in the upper right corner since last summer)

It was a crazy idea that appeared to attract some attention for a short while.  It was fun to start.  My one post blog will stay but unless it gets some discussions going in the comment section I think it’s sorta dead. As Bob Dylan once wrote:
I ain’t sayin’ you treated me unkind
You could have done better but I don’t mind

BTW, We use too many abbreviations/acronyms today.  I blame texting and smartphones.  Years from now nobody will remember what DWTS means.  Actually, I might watch it if they changed it to DWIS. OMG, Do I have you guessing?

The ‘I’ stands for intoxicated with the others the same.

18 hour bra - I’m confused about this time limit.
Had I known about bra time limits when I was a young stud muffin (hey this is my history and I can tell it my way), I would have suggest all my dates to wear no more than a 3 hour bra. Pick-up, see a 2 hour movie, drive around awhile, and bingo 3 hours is up. It would have been perfect.  

18 HOURS how could the girls wait that long??

Oh one more question - what bra time do they recommend while doing Brazil butt lifts?

(I noticed this 18 hour thing on Pulsipher Predilections - thanks)


Kristina P. said...

You know, I don't really even get the concept of the time limit bras. Apparently, it's something to do with how long they are able to keep the girls high and perky! SOmetimes, a girl's bra just needs some time off, I guess.

Dwmatty said...

I certainly do remember your ICB blog post. And I think those abbreviations are a necessity when you're using such a tiny keyboard.

Gotta love your concept on time limits. LOL

secret agent woman said...

I still don't know what DWTS means.

I never got the 18 hour thing wither, but what the hell is a Brazil butt lift? Sounds grotesque.

Bearmancartoons said...

You assume she only just put on the bra for the date.

lisleman said...

I wonder if that logic would have worked for me years ago.

lisleman said...

thanks - I also enjoyed your FF post.

lisleman said...

oh cmon I know you get out. But actually staying-in is required for Dancing With The Stars. And if you can't sleep and flip through cable channels you'll find the Brazil Butt Lift exercise program. You can also search on that term. If you do buy it - I would be interested to know how it worked. Just your opinion NOT before and after stuff. I think it's borderline scam material.

lisleman said...

damn you are thinking too much. But maybe one of the ladies who reads the comment section could help out here. I suspect that most girls would put a fresh one on for a date. Who knows what the hell they do today but we used to get cleaned up for dates.

Coby said...

I have a friend who has Brazil Butt Lift, and I asked for it for Christmas! I've heard good things about it! If I get it for Christmas, I'll let you know how it works! ;-)

lisleman said...

thanks - now if I could just get some grant money for researching this.

OneStonedCrow said...

Talking about acronyms, what's an Olds 442? Is it something like:

1-1 was 1 racehorse
2-2 was 1 2
1-1 1 1 race
2-2 1 1 2


mimbles said...

My husband occasionally launches into explanations of his work in TLA* speak. I'm fairly fluent out of sheer necessity but there's always some new ones in there to catch me out.

*Three Letter Acronym

brainella said...

I saw a bra yesterday that was promoted as a "wired support system" -- not a bra. It kind of scared me.

lisleman said...

High tech stuff - Here's an idea solar powered support bra system.

lisleman said...

good thing you explained TLA - LOL

lisleman said...

Maybe there money in starting an American slang and trivia service. The Oldsmobile 442 was a "muscle" car from the 60's and 70's.
Now explain what all these races mean.

Gina said...

The 3 hour bra! That is awesome. Now you know what to give for Christmas!
Have a great weekend!

The Original Bean said...

I'm LIMH* at the idea of "Let's play TSA."

* Just had to drop an acronym in here somewhere for you. Laughing In My Head.

lisleman said...

thanks that's a new one for me. Did you just make it up (DYJMIU) ?

unknownmami said...

I just hope that bras don't join a union and start demanding 15 minute breaks every 4 hours and a full hour for lunch.

lisleman said...

Practicing for your audition? Your creativity is overflowing in your comment. Great one.

Kori said...

I didn't know what DWTS was until I read the other comments. And I would totally go for a Brazilian lifting my butt. Just sayin. What channel is that infomercial on? I don't get out much either. :)

lisleman said...

The next Brazilian I meet I'll let them know.

Kristin_The_Goat said...

Well, that's just funny. Don't ever tell my husband about this, he may just start doing that just to annoy me!

Kristin_The_Goat said...

OK, I'll have to find out what a BBL is, how much, the benefits, etc. I was just recently wondering if I wanted the perfect brownie maker or the egg cracker. But the BBL sounds like it could be much better!

Mrs4444 said...

WOW-I was going to comment on Kristina's blog, but she's got Pioneer Woman status, with 164 comments already! (Luckyyyyy!) Loved her Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber looks best :)

I'd pay to see DWIS.

Never did see the eyeball IRL. Maybe they'll replace it with a new body part?

lisleman said...

wow - thanks for the idea - if you get the BBL you could crack eggs in a NEW way and I guarantee if you did a video of it you will have a viral video.

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