Monday, November 29, 2010

Baby you can drive my car

Just be sure to take The Long and Winding Road. I need some time to write a blog post.

Well if you haven’t heard that the Beatles are now available on Apple’s ITunes, you probably don’t care much for Beatles’ music or digital versions of their music. It would have been a much bigger deal if it had happened years ago but it still makes more of the their songs available as individual songs.

(most of you can skip over this background explanation)
Kids that became a teenager AG (after google) would not understand the whole single vs. album buying difference. Way back in time, there was the 45 which had 2 songs (A side, B side) and then the LP (long-playing) album would have a dozen plus songs on it. Very often you would buy an album only to discover that you really liked only one or two songs.

Now with ITunes you can easily just buy the one song you want and not pay for the ones you don’t care about.

But there’s even more side benefits of the ITunes Beatles page.

Apple has included some interesting videos you can watch for free. Watching the beginning of their Washington DC concert is interesting because you can just tell that the whole rock concert thing was still so new. They took the train from New York and you can watch Ringo moving his drum set around on stage. No roadies I assume.

There’s a lengthy biography page covering the band members from the 50’s to the 90’s.

Last summer I posted my take on the RollingStone magazine’s rating of Beatles songs. Most of you agreed with me, it was wrong. If you didn’t read that post go take a look. It’s right here.

Now that the songs are available individually to today’s audience it’s interesting to see what songs are making it to the top. I suspect the songs will change position over time. Right now according to ITunes sales the top 3 songs are:
  1. Here Comes The Sun (maybe it will drop down after winter?)
  2. Let It Be
  3. In My Life

This Boy who is just The Fool On The Hill already had these so I bought some others.

I like the convenience of being able to pick up a favorite of mine without the whole album. Maybe you remember it. It was not a big hit but I enjoy Lennon’s energy singing and howling “Hey Bulldog”.


Bearmancartoons said...

I liked the individual Beatles AFTER they broke up better

secret agent woman said...

I didn't know it, but it's not because I don't like the Beatles - it's because I already have ALL their albums and so it's irrelevant to me. I'd have a hard time winnowing out sings I don't like. I also have a hard time coming up with a list of my favorites, since I love so many of them.

KristinaP said...

I do like The Beatles. A lot. But I'm not on iTunes at all, so I had no idea they weren't available!

Thisstopwilloughby said...

I've never been much of a Beatles fan (much to the dismay of my best friends growing up, they moved to the US from England and thought everyone loved the Beatles), but my son has become a recent fan. He is taking a music history class at school and they spent quite a bit of time listening to Beatles music.

lisleman said...

did you happen to see the John Lennon documentary on PBS? It was very well done. Thanks for the comment.

lisleman said...

I suspect your situation of already having all the Beatles music you want is very common. I did find two songs up there that were a surprise to me. All the songs have already been released but I didn't pay much attention to a set CDs released in 1988. In that release are two songs sung in German. Since their beginning is very connected to Hamburg I guess some German versions made sense. Sie Liebt Dich and Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand

lisleman said...

I am not promoting ITunes for any reason other than I like it and have used it for years now. If you love music and have never tried this service you should give it a try.

lisleman said...

I suggest your son read the bio up on Itunes. thanks

Dwmatty said...

I don't like the Beatles music and never did. I don't know why, but I just can't stand their sound. When one of their songs comes on the radio, I immediately change the station.

lisleman said...

I knew someone out there didn't like them. Thanks for speaking out. Music is so subjective. I can't understand why people like the opera.

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