Friday, September 30, 2016

Digitally twisted

I’m feeling twisted and I suspect the digital world brought it on. Today I noticed gadgets missing from my blog sidebar. (wow could you imagine calling that into 911)

Could I’ve accidently deleted stuff from my sidebar?

After lots of checking and pondering, (also a bit of scratching but that’s probably not related and don’t ask) I think this “https” change within the blogger system may have made two of my sidebar gadgets incompatible. Just a guess. If not that then possibly Russian hackers.


I’m moving on. Not in any better direction necessarily but they say you should keep moving.

While looking over this digital stuff, my old blog games (meme wannabes) page appeared full of digital dust and needing of an update. I blew off some dust but the page is still there.

One of the ideas I had years ago for this blog was “Believe It Or Not, I Posted This”. It was short lived. However I did markup an old picture for it.

An even older idea with shorter initials was "Lisleman's Left-over Laughs". There were a few of those.

I can’t blog

I can’t blog

So here I am thinking about old blog ideas. What would Bonzo do?

Wait, I know. Now I remember, I wrote a post about that once. "What would Bonzo do"

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