Wednesday, July 22, 2015

which-a-call-it Lisleman

Note: you may want to play the clip included at the bottom while you read/sing my version.

I am a blogger not a mountie and I post a good quip
Searchin' in the net for another viral clip
I hear you singin' on youtube, you sound better though wine
the which-a-call-it Lisleman still owns a landline

I know I need a small vacation, or I’ll be going insane
And if it snows that stretch down south I won't shovel, too much strain
And I post it more than tweet it, and I browse around all time
the which-a-call-it Lisleman still owns a landline
still owns a landline

I’ve never met Jimmy Webb but his songs bring back fond memories. One of his very different than this one is stranger and longer. (see my post on his MacArthur Park song).

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