Friday, July 17, 2015

rainy fragments

Is rain just fragments of a passing cloud? 
Are clouds the result of oceans exhaling?

Well who knows, not me. I do know that with Friday Fragment posts you can ask these off-the-wall, off-the-top-of-my-head, out-of-the-blue type questions. Click over to A Star In My Own Universe to find more FF postings.

taken from the Chicago Tribune years ago

More fragmented thought:

Happiness - I believe it’s personal thing that can spread when we share it. However, sharing it on social media probably has the opposite effect for others. I theorize it needs to be share in person in the real world.

The other day felt like I went to the circus but was seated in the cheap seats. Lots of commotion but couldn’t see a thing.

Oh did you happen to see my last post about getting a smartphone?  It was a big deal for me since I've held out this many years with just a simple flip phone.

Back in 2010 I learned that Bubble Wrap was celebrating its 50th birthday.  Here's link to that old post.

Simple addition tells me that celebrated being 55 this year.  I went over to their "Bubble Wrap Fun" web site and found a few guys being happy with bubble wrap:

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