Tuesday, July 14, 2015

what appened?

I'll tell you what appened - I gave up and threw in the flip phone.  My simple connectivity approach got wirelessly dialed up several notches to the more complex world of smartphones and apps.  It's appening because there are so many apps for it to appen!

my smartphone is really bigger than I need

It certainly was not the apps that attracted me.  No it was a recent increase in our wireless bill and a new plan being offered.  It became apparent they (they being the controllers of these magical wireless waves) want everyone to join into the smartphone trend.

So if all goes according to the plan laid out, we will have two smarter phones and less on our monthly bill.

After the deal was done (took online chats and toll-free calls) I felt good that I convinced them to drop the two upgrade fees (total $80) since we have been customers for so many years.  Hopefully I will still feel better about the change after paying a few months worth of bills.

I've looked at smartphones from both sides now,
from up and down, and still somehow
it's smartphone illusions I recall,
I really don't know smartphones at all
(many of the smartphone generation will not know the song I stole most of those words from)

size comparison

I've looked at my smartphone from both sides now, from up and down, and still somehow I think it's too big.

Did I mention we ordered two smartphones but just to keep life interesting and a little more money in my pocket I decided to get two different types. I got an android type and she got an I-phone type.  I can still remember the cellphone trend in the era of users mostly talking on them - the phones kept getting smaller and smaller every year.  So mine is bigger but less expensive than hers (the smartphone not my hat size but that too).

Since I'm a big Google fan/follower (even invested in they stock a few times) I do like the way the android works with Google's other offerings.  However, I was tricked-up/thrown-down-in-digital-confusion by trying the gmail contacts list.

Maybe you have had the same gadget problem with contact lists.  My contacts were spread among Gmail, old flip phone, and my macbook contact program.  Oh no problem I thought, I'll just link/sync up with the Gmail list.  Well that sync sunk me.  I had hundreds of names/companies that exchanged email once or twice over the past 10 years included in the list.  What a mess.  I couldn't even recall where some of the contacts had come from.  After learning where the delete was located in the app, I was able to trim down the list.  I still had to dig into the old simple flip phone for a few numbers.

Well I've crossed the smartphone abyss and doubt I will ever return to the old simple mostly-talk-with phone.  One change going forward will be the absence of anti-smartphone postings or comments.  However, I know in the future another gadget will become hip and I'll be once again be able to diss it and its followers.

If you don't recall my smartphone dissing (why would you?) here's an example - smartphone tragedy 

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