Wednesday, January 14, 2015

quick thought

Quick thought, quick opinion?  I don't know, maybe both.  We often jump to conclusions and try to figure out things too quickly.

This quick post is just about the recent McDonalds ad that has stirred up a few people.  Of course, they say all publicity is good.

I watched the ad on youtube.  I thought it was a typical feel-good-about-brand type ad.  Very similar to the Budweiser Clydesdale commercials.  Companies that remind us that they support our troops/first responders/community/causes want us to feel good about the company.

I accept this approach more that companies that attempt to scare you into buying their product (drugs, security service, dating service, whatever).   

While I was watching their ad (called signs on youtube) I found another more interesting one they did.  The following clip is too long for TV but internet is more flexible.  If you can produce an interesting clip it can go longer than 30 seconds.

Now I have not eaten a chicken mcnugget in many many years.  The last time, I told myself they are not good enough to eat.  It appears the story teller in this clip doesn't eat them either.  I found this clip informative and honest.  It doesn't change my mind about eating mcnuggets.

Oh, you might recall me ranting about marketing before on this blog.  Marketing campaigns pushing us and our feelings around can be a problem.  The best approach to stopping it is a backlash against it.  I don't know if McDonalds continued with their freaky Happy Meal character or not.  I still find the character freaky with too much teeth.

Final Notice (they are never final): This is to advise you that, unless otherwise expressly indicated, personal advice contained in this post is not intended to be used.  Also, NO offers of happy meals, fries-with-that, or indigestion were received for this post.  I do own a few shares of McDonalds (MCD).  Their shares pay a good dividend worth a number of large french fry orders.

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