Friday, January 16, 2015

fragments of a story

Thanks for reading my post. Would you like fragments with that?

I admit I got hooked on this Friday Fragment posting idea years ago. Mrs. 4444’s blog host a collection of FF postings. The idea is very simple with few rules.

Unlike the possibility of being a few fries short of a happy meal, you can’t be a few fragments short of a FF post. There is no minimum number of fragments. I don’t think I’ve ever posted with just one fragment but occasionally like today I post less than a handful. If by some lucky star (share a lucky star there are so many) you haven’t read one of my FF posts before, there are many here just click this link.

haven't yet read a scary FF post

I went missing from our connected world the other evening for 4 hours. I knew where I was, at my brother’s house. The problem was I left my phone in the car. Due to a long story of circumstances and one daughter’s failed attempts to reach me, it escalated into a neighbor needing to come into our house to check for me. She did discover my car was gone after which the ad hoc posse thought of checking with my brother.

We share house keys with a few neighbors. How about you?

are ice heads common in the North?

Someone out there is always pushing for a change. Often the change is a good thing but this one I just read about is certainly odd. Minnesota wants to leave the Midwest. Most Americans don’t spend much time thinking about our geographical regions. Well maybe a long Minnesota winter will cause you to do that. What do people think about sitting in an icehouse in the middle of a frozen lake?

The regions are typically broken out as; the Northeast, the South, the West and the Midwest. I would add Northwest and Texas (is Texas the South or Southwest or just Texas?). Anyway did you notice “the North” is not commonly used (unless you still consider yourself a Confederate). Minnesota wants to claim the region name, the North.

south end of a northern car

My old printer that died in last week (mentioned in last week's FF post) is now in fragments. I will try to find a use (not necessarily practical, maybe just silly) for its motors.  The plastics were recycled.

Well if you give a fragment, then check out the FF collection:

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