Sunday, January 18, 2015

I was shocked

Shocked, mouth dropping (not quite coffee spitting) shocked. After turning a page in today’s sunday newspaper, I see a full page ad for a Barry Manilow concert. I wasn’t even sure he was still alive. (I assume it’s live and he is too. Otherwise, they would call it a tribute right?)

Oh some of you maybe shocked that Lisleman still reads a tree sacrificing (at least one third is post-consumer recycled) newspaper.

Barney not Barry

One of Barry’s classic songs I remember was, “I write the blogs”. Yeah right, how could that be since the term blog wasn’t used in the 1970’s.

I didn’t care much for Barry but he has a great voice. I can’t carry a tune unless my mp3 player is in my pocket. Most of his songs were too sappy for my taste. Jim Croce was better in my opinion but musical tastes are extremely personal and subject to a variety of influences such as who you are dating at the time.

Well if you are short on sappy, this one is for you. (wow this one could become a great parody)

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