Friday, January 09, 2015

wait wait it’s friday fragments

Most of the US has been cold today. I’m not going to write anything else about it. My last post was weather related.

No matter the weather we all can enjoy Friday Fragments.  Our fragment hostess, Mrs. 4444's blog has a collection for your enjoyment.

static electricity long ago day

You might get a charge out of this, maybe a blown gadget, it’s National Static Electricity Day today (Jan. 9). Static electricity is mostly annoying, sometimes a danger to our hair style and electronic gadgets. Occasionally static electricity offers a fun display. When is National Blog Day?

This past week I played cribbage with our youngest (now adult) daughter. I have not played that card game since sometime in the 90’s. It went a little slow because I’m rusty on the scoring. Now that I posted this I’ll remember when we played.

The game brings back memories of playing against my dad. He loved to beat me as he counted out his points quicker than I could. Cards-with-my-dad memories go far back like before the PC.

hmmm what else

Just a minute. (behind the scenes at the blog, Lisleman reaches deep into his fragment bucket)

I’ll take a red over a white.
I just don’t detect the delicate differences in types. I’m not too refined but I’m fine.

My printer died. The machine, I’m not associated with any printer people. It did show signs of dementia. Months ago it refused to print the black text (like most of a document) unless I told it the plain paper was glossy paper. I actually got use to lying to it. Then we bought new ink cartridges and even the colors were printed wrong. Finally it just refused to turn on. I tried different power outlets and checked that other devices could be powered from the outlet. I took it down to the basement. I’m disassembling it for parts. Need a spring?

Half-Past Kissin' Time

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