Wednesday, July 16, 2014

it’s a parody Renee

Years ago I parodied part of the Four Tops “Walk Away Renee”.

Just click away, Renee
You won't see me follow your blog home
The empty comments on my blog are not the same
Facebook is to blame

The noticeable absence of former frequent visitors lead me to create my version called “Click Away Renee”. Fellow bloggers dropping out is just part of blogging.

"Happy" is a great tune

Long ago, I told myself to blog like a man. If I can’t laugh about it maybe I can write a parody about it. I stop and wonder often. Maybe too often. Am I under the influence of Weird Al Yankovic?

Well Weird Al still rules. Occasionally I can come up with odd updates for an old song. But a parody doesn’t work too well if the audience is not familiar with the original song.

Tim Hawkins got laughs by changing The Eagle’s “Hotel California” to a "Walmart in California". Weird Al takes the parody to a higher level. It’s amazing how he can still turn out great parodies decade after decade. Remember “Eat It” from the 80’s. I think it’s better than Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”.

Here’s a new one from my inspiration, Weird Al.

Maybe I just like it because I'm tacky??

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