Wednesday, February 29, 2012

just click away Renee

Just click away, Renee 
You won't see me follow your blog home 
The empty comments on my blog are not the same You're not to blame

There has been a few frequent visitors that stopped blogging and stopped visiting. That’s blogging.

Not long ago, I told myself to blog like a man. Alright it is getting late. 

(note - The name Renee comes along with the song.  No real or imaginary Renee's were referenced in this post. proofreading provided by C. F. Eyecare) 

another circus 


oceangirl said...

That is blogging.  I blog because of some friends, if they go, I may not stay.

lisleman said...

 Oh don't think that way.  There will always be new friends out there waiting for you to find them.  Stay a little longer.  Think of the many potential friends out there that have not yet found you.  thanks

Frau said...

I have been in and out for the last several weeks....some days I have time to visit all my friends some days I drive by and wave! Have a wonderful leap day! 

lisleman said...

 Anyone who follows even a handful of blogs will miss posts from time to time.  It should be that way.  Real life activities are important.  Interruptions are expected.  I sure hope not one A-Few-Clowns-Short reader takes this personally.   I'm not complaining just observing and playing around with a song.
You have a great leap day too - it should be a holiday.

Beth Zimmerman said...

I used to really stress over numbers. I would keep my blog open in 2 tabs so I could compare Google Friends displays and see who unsubscribed! (I'm a tad OCD.) I chased one poor girl down 3 times. We're good friends now so it paid off. But eventually I had to quit stressing because it was stealing my joy. 

And I know you were just having fun playing with lyrics! :)

lisleman said...

 Oh I certainly must admit I have watched the Google Friend number.  But when I lighten up and think about it in the big scheme of things it's just a nice fun often rewarding activity.  The comments are more important than the counters.  Comments show the sharing.  thanks

Reena Walkling said...

Such is the world of blogging some folks visit hundreds of sites a day is beyond me!

lisleman said...

 what?  who does that?  please send them over here.  thanks for your visit

Mrs4444 said...


tracismixedbag said...

I blogged when only my sister read my blog. It sounds as if I'm an over the top serious blogger but I'm not. I just like to blog. 

lisleman said...

 It should be fun.  I have a hard time taking it too seriously.  Sure some days are more fun than others.  I went for a period of many months long ago during which there was seldom a comment.  thanks

Peggy Cameron said...

I saw that you posted this link on Lilly's blog Bill.  It is always sad when one of our favourite blogger's stops blogging.  I have been in touch with Lilly via email and she is well and said she may come back to blogging one day.....let's hope so.
Have a great weekend my friend.
Peggy xxxxx

lisleman said...

 Peggy thanks for the update.  I'm finding out more and more that it's the nature of blogging.  You are a very good friend to check up with her.  thanks

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