Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar inspired

I watched it last night. I like Billy Crystal. You know way back in my previous life the Oscars were too serious for many jokes. I’m so glad they have lighten-up. 

Did you notice that “The Artist” was nominated for best original screenplay? It’s a SILENT film, as in no dialog. Maybe it could have won shortest screenplay? Alright, I know the screenplay gives screen directions and descriptions. There was writing involved, ok.
(oh BTW what award does the dog in The Artist get?)

My only screenplay playing was on Xtranormal. Remember my big hit “uncertainty principle and politics”? Yeah I didn’t think so. (the link if you care) Anyone can create a dialog but note I didn’t say “good dialog”. Do you want to try? I found this odd funny clip of a dog securing his latest treasure. Please write a dialog for this silent film. You can drop it off in the comment section.

Here’s my dialog attempt for this dog performing clip. (all spoken by the dog - a one dog show) 

He scores! 
Wooo wooo look at the size of the this baby. 
Back to my cage and enjoying all to myself. 
What the hell. 
Why doesn’t this work. 
Hey you human, lend a good doggie a hand here. Yeah you with the camera. Useless humans 
Oh by the way I clean this floor better with my tail than you do with your opposable thumbs. 
Useless slacker humans I’ll do it myself. 
Maybe if I try from inside of the cage. 
Damn still stuck 
Oops, oh no don’t roll on that dirty floor. 
Yes, yes He scores!

another circus 


tracismixedbag said...

(Dog enters house doorway, humming to himself)

"Do do do do do do dododo dooooo, I'm just going to put my baguette away here and then......"

(Dog tries to enter his crate)

"What the...!"

(Dog tries again)

"Who invented this doorway? A cat?"

(Man walks by)

"Can I get a little help....Okay...Keep walking."

(Dog continues trying to get baguette in crate, looks around for help, finds none.)

"Okay, maybe if I just force it into the crate."

"I shouldn't of bought day old bread."

(Thinks to himself)

"Remember what they say about doing the same thing over and over again, last time I was considered insane, I ended up in the cone of shame."

(Goes inside crate to try a different angle)

"This should work, pulling instead of pushing."

"Damn it! One more try"

"Woo hoo! It worked!"

lisleman said...

 Woo HOO - you're nominated!  thanks - cone of shame - I remember that on our dog after a vet visit.  thanks

tracismixedbag said...

 BTW, I totally forgot about the movie The Artist, I thought it was great! This was definitely one of those years where I was torn between nominees. I'm happy they did a good job dispersing the awards.

oceangirl said...

I miss Graham.  I think he'll do a funny dialog.  And Traci does so well..This should work, pulling, instead of pushing..great.

Bearmancartoons said...

I am more concerned that best makeup went to the Iron Lady instead of Harry Potter.

lisleman said...

 at least she didn't look like Iron Man

lisleman said...


pearlvz said...

:-)  I think you did a pretty good job there!


lisleman said...

thanks for browsing by.  Like I said on your blog you are a dialogue queen (or princess) so this comment from you means so much.

Jillsy Girl said...

I want to see the Artist now.  And that video...poor pup has to fend for himself in that nasty house.  

lisleman said...

 yes the house did look a little nasty.  Also that's an unusual place for his cage.  Since you have done a good job creating a dialogue for bird pictures I thought you would give this one a shot.

Barbara said...

Oh, your dialogue was perfect (especially the bits about the dirty floor. Yikes! Mine is pretty dirty, too, right now but I'm not about to film it and put it on youtube unless I scrubbed that thing shiny!) Anyway, I'm glad the puppy finally scored. And I didn't watch the Oscars - had a meeting - but I do love Billy Crystal!

lisleman said...

 thanks - I have lots of fun writing these types of posts.  Yes that place was a disaster.  I'm not much of a cleaner but I could better than that.  Who knows but I suspect it's a place with just a bunch of slacker guys.

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