Monday, July 21, 2014

as the blog turns

It's been a few days since my last post. Oh summer time and outside things to do time.

cloud matching

Not sure the reason (maybe the season?) that this old TV soap opera title popped into my head. It could be the old pictures and things I've looked at recently. I do recall seeing that spinning earth come on the TV screen at my grandmother's house. I thought the shows were stupid and would have rather watched some cartoons. Well my blog doesn't offer any cleaning tips and you certainly don't need to give up the next 30 minutes of your time with my blog.  Unless you feel like browsing back through the many old posts.

Not that I see many but I suspect there are some blogs very much like soap opera shows.  Who is doing what to whomever and to whom it may concern.

There is enough of that stuff on FB so we don't need daily relationship drama on blogs.

Day turns to night.  Tadpole turns to frog.  I enjoy a nice relaxing turn.

no prince kiss needed for a frog


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