Tuesday, July 22, 2014

oh this post has no title

And each day I learn just a little bit more
I don't know why but I do know what for
If we're all going somewhere let's get there soon
Oh this song's got no title just words and a tune
(Elton John’s This Song Has No Title)

1974 San Antonio TX.
A recently engaged young man sitting alone in an
apartment surrounded by small piles of boxes.  He busily sorts and arranges the boxes.  Just days away from his upcoming wedding his top priority item is setting up his stereo system. The other boxes can wait.  All wires connected he pulls out one of his newer albums, "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road".

a memory - faded but still there

Lyrics came with Elton John's album

Today with the help of a favorite web site, youtube, I've been refreshing my memories of that album. I still have the album but hooking up a turntable is much more difficult than searching for the tunes in youtube. (kids, in a time long ago you need to do more than swipe your smartphone screen to play a tune)

I've mentioned in previous posts that lyrics can have new meaning when you listen years later. One song on that album I barely remember is "Roy Rogers". Here's the beginning of it:
Sometimes you dream, sometimes it seems
There's nothing there at all
You just seem older than yesterday
And you're waiting for tomorrow to call

This memory had no title but now it has words and tune.

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