Thursday, February 27, 2014

secret fragment man

Browse by here on almost any Friday (or Thursday night) and you'll see it is no secret that I enjoy Friday Fragments. I’m still waiting for my secret fragment decoder from Mrs. 4444. Hey mention that Lisleman is waiting on his decoder ring when you check on those other fragment posts she collects on her blog.

My blog would have been a big at this camp

A post of mine inspired a poem! Nita at Artistic Composition was inspired by this post of mine. She has two poems posted. She agreed with me that the second one is more upbeat. Please add a bit of poetry to your browsing and check it out (link to her post).

great legs for a robot

We been enjoying Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight show. I liked Jay Leno too but Jimmy certainly brings a higher level of energy to the show. I hope he can keep it up. His thank-you notes are hilarious. Have you watched the new show yet?

better pic with the woman in front

I hate when my ideas have accidents at my synapse intersections. A fragment of an idea is OK for this post but I would rather recover the whole idea.

I bet he never read my blog

Inactive Account Manager - Have you heard about it?  It's a feature in your Google account if your account goes inactive (perhaps you die).  It was sorta weird setting it up today but my kids someday might be glad I did.

(description taken from the Google page) What should happen to your photos, emails and documents when you stop using your account? Google puts you in control. You might want your data to be shared with a trusted friend or family member, or, you might want your account to be deleted entirely. There are many situations that might prevent you from accessing or using your Google account. Whatever the reason, we give you the option of deciding what happens to your data. 

I was going to research a few recent news stories like the Missouri spelling bee that ran out of words. But I got bored and popped a bag of microwave popcorn instead.

While I'm munching, listen to this:

Half-Past Kissin' Time


Cyndy Bush said...

I haven't watched the new Tonight Show yet. I saw a poll where people were asked who was the best Tonight Show host ever, and Johnny Carson won by a landslide.
The inactive google account manager sounds like something we all need to check into.

Judy said...

I am never awake enough to watch the late night shows however D H recorded a show "Pioneers of Television" on how the talk shows got started with Steve Allen, Jack Paar and Johnny Carson. It was very enlightening.

Frau said...

I can't stay up that late but I tape his show and will most likely power through them this weekend! Have a wonderful weekend!

doreenmcgettigan said...

I am loving the new Tonight Show, except for one of them. I won't tell you which one ...
Crazy photos, LOL for real.

Unknown said...

The best part of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon are the thank you notes, in my opinion. I heard about the Spelling Bee that ran out of words. Did they not have a DICTIONARY handy, by chance?

Unknown said...

The best part of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon are the thank you notes, in my opinion. I heard about the Spelling Bee that ran out of words. Did they not have a DICTIONARY handy, by chance?

lisleman said...

It is unreasonable to expect you will enjoy all the material performed by an actor/comedian/talk host. I thought some of his skits were stupid. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos I found for the post.

lisleman said...

Binge watching is the trend I guess. The closest I've come to doing that is a DVD of a show's season. thanks

lisleman said...

The history of TV is interesting because it reflects the history of our culture. Interesting to view the changes.

lisleman said...

I would probably vote for Johnny Carson too. Jimmy doesn't have much of a track record with it. It's hard to compared the hosts because our culture has changed over time. Different periods, different jokes. Some jokes span the generations but only a few.
Yes if you are active on google you should check into that feature.

tckk said...

That seems a little weird in a way with Google, but actually it probably is a pretty good idea. I haven't seen the Tonight Show yet, but I want to. It's just hard to stay up that late when I have to work the next morning. Guess I'm getting old. :)

lisleman said...

Most all planning involved with your own demise is weird, I think.
I'm lucky to be able to sleep in most days. I don't even watch the whole show sometimes. It seems the better stuff is at the beginning. thanks

Cheryl P. said...

I have been watching Jimmy Fallon and I like it much better than Leno. I had grown tired of the same ol, same ol feel of the late night shows. Jimmy has changed things up enough that it doesn't seem "in a rut".

I wasn't aware of the Inactive Acct. Manager for Google. That's a good idea. Look at Facebook. So many accounts remain after people die because the family members don't know the password. My friend that died last year is still getting update statuses.

I find it funny hearing all the jokes about the spelling bee running out of words. They didn't run out of words...they ran out of words on the list of approved words provided by Scripps. I would think the people over at Scripps are working feverishly to find new words and figure out their origins and use in a sentence. I wonder why they didn't go back and pull one of the lists from a couple of years ago as long as none of this group of kids were involved in that year.

lisleman said...

I first heard the spelling bee story from Jimmy Fallon. Of course he didn't provide any details since that would have ruined the joke. I guess these spelling bees are serious business for the contestants.
I have a cousin that passed away and her FB page is up. I think she gave her password to someone before she died. I think you could alert FB about your friend's page. Of course FB probably needs an official doc from the family.

Nita said...

Thanks so much for the shout out. I couldn't help but laugh at your caption about the robot's legs. Maybe I should see if I can trade my chicken legs for a pair of those legs????? As a die hard Johnny Carson fan I never really got into watching Jay Leno. Maybe it's time to give the Tonight show another shot.
Thanks for the heads up on the Inactive Account Manager, I will definitely check that out. I was distressed to hear you are still waiting for your secret fragment decoder ring so I took it upon myself to correct the situation.
Have a great weekend!

Secret Agent Woman said...

I've not watched the Tonight show in years, but I've seen many clips from Jimmy Fallon's version and think he's great. Much funnier than Johnny Carson to me.

lisleman said...

wow did you create that on yourself? Is there a site to make badges like this? FRA - sounds official. thanks I love it.
You should check out Jimmy Fallon.

lisleman said...

Comedy is very generation dependent. The great stuff can span generations but often you look back at old stuff and wonder why it got a laugh. Good to hear we agree on Jimmy.

Star Traci said...

I am so relieved to know that I am not the only one who loses thoughts at the synapse station!
Have a great week!

Nita said...

I am glad you like it. I'm not sure if there is a place that makes actual badges like this, but I would guess there probably is. I just took some photos of actual items and edited them to so they fit the Fragment theme, then put them together.

lisleman said...

More common than we realize. I think as long as we know we are losing the thoughts we are ok. If you lose them and don't even know you lost them, then you might be in for trouble. thanks

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