Saturday, March 01, 2014

runnin’ down a comment

There was a blogger once (I’ll assume she is still around in real life but apparently doesn’t blog anymore) who commented that she enjoyed reading my comments on blogs that we both followed. I find that compliment similar to people saying they enjoy your conversations at parties. So we browse around in these virtual blog parties and comment.

If a blog comment section is like a virtual party then Facebook is like the quick chit chat when you run into friends at the mall or bus stop.

Do you (this is directed to fellow bloggers) think leaving a months old post hanging on your blog, is like leaving your Christmas (or Halloween, any holiday) lights up until summer?

good thing my Halloween stuff is not buried under the snow

Yeah on the bathroom scale of problems that is really nothing but a small annoyance. 

Blogs provide a virtual exchange only in the sense that players don’t physically meet but their ideas meet. The idea/thought exchange is very real. I’ve been know to leave a comment on an aging post. I have noticed that comments on an aged post are almost rare. I’m not sure why a post has an unwritten expiration date. Any ideas?

Often I feel comfortably posted here. Facebook feedback is very different. A “like” just means the “liker” noticed your post/share. I don’t expect (or promote) very deep discussions here but I’ve read some blogs with that tendency.  The FB posts/comments are seldom very deep.  Is that your experience or just my FB family friend group?

I’ve finished my tangent here. You see, I started out with the simple idea that I enjoy leaving comments scattered around blogland. I don’t think my comment scattering causes any mess. Even more interesting is when an exchange of thought comes from my comment debris. Most often I forget where I dropped my comment. Here’s a comment I dropped somewhere a few days ago (oh if you found it on your blog and didn’t expect it to be laid upon your blog go ahead, just delete it).

Believe it or not - I seriously thought of getting an earring once (I would have only had one ear done). Never did it but I guess there is still time. It would be useful when I dress as a pirate. A little bling on the ears is nice. Some people go over the top with it though.

this is not a FB or blog feed

Blog on and leave FB for the chit chatters.


Scarlet Blue said...

This made me laugh... as I am guilty of leaving blog posts hanging like dusty decorations. It also reminded me of one of my ancient posts regarding a missing comment. Happy days.
I am off to bed now, night all.

Joanne said...

So why did you wonder if the person you confessed your earring desire to might not believe you? That's what we really want to know.

Cheryl P. said...

You know me well enough (at least the blogger persona of me) to know that I like comments and I enjoy leaving comments. I liken it to having coffee with people minus the coffee. Just chit chatting about life and ideas.

Regarding your question about leaving a month old post hanging on your blog...are you saying you delete old posts? I never delete old posts (or at least I haven't as of yet). OR am I not understanding the question?

I cut off the comments stream at 30 days but if someone Googles a subject that brings up an old post of mine, I am happy for them to read it. When I look at my stats there are always some of my older posts being read.

Willoughby said...

Every once in a while I'll get a new comment on an old post. I think it's kind of nice because it means that particular blog post is still being read by someone, somewhere.

lisleman said...

The blogger persona ?? - hmm in real life she is - oh I could have fun and get in trouble with this idea.

Interesting question you came up with from my post. I'm starting to wonder if I am aware of what readers might read into my postings. Really this post was just about the first thing you mention - enjoying comments.

No I do not delete old posts (there have been a very few exceptions) and I have my comments turned off set to a year plus (1.5 yrs ?)

But don't you find it odd that people will seldom comment on a post that is older? Maybe it has nothing to do with the age of post and more to do with who is reading the older post. I don't know.

Now I want to know why 30 days - seems to short to me.

Oh one more thought - here's a story of a post I was forced to delete

(posted in 2012 so comments turned off)

lisleman said...

Getting comments is always nice except for the spam garbage. I see that older posts are read from the stats page but I don't know if they are interested readers or just spammers. If you get a comment then you can usually tell which is good.

Cheryl P. said...

I am confused on why the president objected to the picture on your blog. Personal blog and the picture seems innocent enough unless you had something in the original pic, that I am missing.'s a personal blog and the company was closing, right? If you were already losing your job, I would say the boss man needed to mind his own business.

As to my blogger persona...I think it is hard to know someone by just a blog. I think you would have to spend face to face time with someone to get a feel for their personality. I have no way of knowing if people think I am more Crabby Pants or Cheryl P....or maybe I am Crazy Pants.

As for the 30 day cut off. I was finding that keeping up with my current comments and all the blogs I comment on...was time consuming enough without taking on the 400+ older blogs that I have written. (for you it must be far more than that) Plus most spam attaches to blogs more than 30 days old. Since my comment stream is shut down, no spam can come through. I get little if any spam and I allow any and all comments without moderation. Robo spam seeks out older posts for the most part.

Secret Agent Woman said...

What's the alternative i you are taking a hiatus? Maybe a notice post?

lisleman said...

Oh I think a post saying that you are taking time off is very welcomed by readers. Even if you plan say 4 months and it turns into 6 or whatever, I think that is better than just stopping cold. That's my opinion anyway.

lisleman said...

The company president told me that it appeared we were out of control and not working. We were still being paid and the company was nice enough to give us 90 days notice. They expected us to be at work. They allowed (provided assistance too) us to work on finding a new job. The picture and post was not meant to be a "slap in the face" gesture but the president took it that way.
Good thinking about the robo spam operations.

Nita said...

It is just my humble opinion but I don't think blog posts should have expiration dates. When I can I enjoy reading older posts and even commenting on them. Just as I am always flattered when someone comments on one of my older posts. As for the earring comment, you should do it! What is a pirate without a little bling?

Tami said...

I admit I can be a sporadic blogger and posts will be left up until I finally have the time to post another. I do however, like to answer folks who take the time to leave a comment and I am afraid I will miss someone. I think it's polite to respond. If someone came up to you and asked you how your day was, would you walk away with out uttering a word?
I don't remember a time every deleting a post. One time I did have to delete a comment that I found offensive. Don't worry, it wasn't one of your posts. =)

lisleman said...

Gee thanks for the support. I don't think about it much anymore. Beside it would draw attention to the occasional ear hair that pops out once in awhile.

lisleman said...

Hopefully I've never left an offensive comment anywhere. Now some of my comments have been a little odd. I agree with you about responding to comments. Even a short comment should get a thanks. My problem ones are the spam ones but the filter appear to catch those very well.

Nita said...


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