Sunday, June 02, 2013

maybe I'm amazed again

Had a great day yesterday that included a parade and tap dancing. I've come up short for a post today, so possibly I will amaze you with a repeat.


If you missed the following post back in February, maybe you'll be amazed.  

Maybe I’m amazed (Feb. post)
at the way, youtube is entertaining all the time.

Regular readers and irregular readers (hopefully a minor irregularity and they are able to finish this post) know that Lisleman hits the youtube often. It’s physically impossible to watch every youtube clip published (72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute). Really, being top youtube watcher is not my goal but I do wish my clips would get more views.

Maybe I’m amazed that this song makes a great duet.

An amazing number of covers of “Maybe I’m Amazed” written by Paul McCarthy can be viewed on youtube. It’s a most fitting song for February’s Valentine's Day. Sir Paul has a youtube channel and back in 2011 they ran a cover contest with this song.

While I only listened to a small fraction of the entries (some have since been removed) I found the one winning the most “likes” to be very good. It’s an instrumental guitar only version.

If they had a humor category in the contest I think this one would have won. Funny and a good voice.

Maybe I’m amazed at the wonderful world around me.
Maybe I’m amazed at the comments I get from readers.
Maybe I’m amazed at the simple things that amaze me.
What makes you amazed?


longhollow said...

I remember that post. I want to hear more about the parade and tap dancing!!

lisleman said...

thanks. When I went back to that post I notice a few comments which is about the only I know who visited. I reposted thinking a few other readers missed it. The parade was a pet parade in a nearby suburb with the youngest granddaughter watching. The tap dancing was another granddaughter who performed with a dance class on an auditorium stage. Both events made for a great Saturday.

savannah said...

always fun to snag a post from the past and reshare. this song was on my mind the other day, but i posted the wings version. every day can still amaze me, but then i revel in serendipity, sweet pea! xoxoxox

lisleman said...

"revel in serendipity" good motto. thanks

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