Tuesday, June 04, 2013


Don’t cry for me Argentina.
(probably not too many Argentinian readers anyway)

It won’t be easy.
You’ll think it strange.
When I try to post this idea.
You won’t believe me.
All you see is a blogger you once knew.

Stop, get that song out of your ears. It’s too distracting.

I was just looking up a Beatles song because of a youtube clip I found and … Well I got stuck in my I-tunes list on the ‘D’s and noticed there are many songs titles starting with “don’t”.

Don't Let Me Down was dropped from the first Let It Be album

Don’t Be Cruel and Don’t Go Breaking My Heart. Read the rest of the post please.

Now if you just Don’t Stand So Close To Me, I’ll get to the youtube clip.

Oh one last thought,
Don't Leave Me This Way. Leave me a comment.


Joanne said...

Super hero shirt? Explains his mastery of fingering and chords. OK, he's cute, too. The one on the floor.

lisleman said...

He puts energy into his singing. thanks

lisleman said...

That's bad. I had not heard that one. I must be careful where I repeat this one. thanks

Dawn Saros-Kirk said...

Don't Stop Believing that people will read your posts. Don't Worry, Be Happy because I read it and watched the video! Fun post.

lisleman said...

Wow you have your "don't" songs ready. I'm happy that you played along with my idea here. I can't think of a clever "don't" reply at the moment but then I often don't think twice. Oh I think I did it. thanks

Reena Walkling said...

That is awesome! Love that kid!

lisleman said...


longhollow said...

I'm impressed! He needs a little practice on the guitar, but I think he knows more of the words than I do! What a cutie!

lisleman said...

He really gives it his all. thanks

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