Wednesday, June 05, 2013

coffee mug and genes

On a recent post, Kay of Kay’s Little Korner commented:
“I don't want to be a blogger on TV. That would require me to brush my hair and get a pretty coffee mug while I do this :-)”
In that post I had asked if there was ever a reality show about a blogger. I completely understand her bad hair part of the comment. Myself, I use baseball caps for that too common problem. 

Her comment inspired this post. The surprising inspiring part was the “pretty coffee mug”. I have a favorite coffee cup. If a TV director told me to give it up for a prettier cup then I would need a pay raise. I would also complain how unreal the replacement coffee cup was. Yes, I know the reality show is not about reality but hey I like my favorite coffee cup. Either way, do people really pay any attention to the dishes on a TV show?

But now you probably have forgotten the post title. It’s ok, I have the advantage of my word processor page still showing it. I’m writing this and have trouble remembering where it’s going. Ok the “and genes” part of the title is coming up next. It’s closely related to the coffee cup in my strange illogical thinking.

I’ve been a coffee drinker since college. One of best benefits of a morning at a diner is the unlimited refilled cup of joe. Back during my office working days I typically had a few good cups in and around my desk.

My coffee mugs, past and present, provide evidence that I don’t have the cleaning gene. While I don’t have the cleaning gene I do wear clean jeans. My coffee cup gets a daily rinsing but can go many days without a scrubbing.

Is there a cleaning gene?

National Geographic (long time favorite magazine of ours) featured an article on the genetics of longevity. Here’s a link if you’re interested.

Their article got me wondering if there is a cleaning gene. Did you know there are people who actually enjoy spring cleaning? You might be one of them. Not me. I thought Pig-Pen was the hero character of the Peanuts series.

Oh I drink it black and strong. 


missliz said...

I would rather stick pins in my eyes than give up coffee! I do believe there is a cleaning gene, and that it went straight from my mom to my daughter. As always, enjoyed your post!

Joanne said...

You ticked all my genes this morning. Back in the day I often found a clean cup on my desk in the morning because people in the office couldn't bear the sight of it. And, the cleaning people left my desk alone.

lisleman said...

concerned co-workers you gotta love em. thanks

lisleman said...

Don't know if it is possible but if you can get your mom and daughter together and make a pot of coffee. You could sit back, drink your coffee and watch. thanks

tettelestai said...

Hahahaha! No clean gene here, but I do hate clutter. Does that count?

Thanks for the shout out, Bill. I also have a favorite coffee mug after the 2yr old broke my old favorite :-( Rough days, rough days. But I don't know if I could use my mug for a show. There are probably ad rights or some such.

I also started drinking coffee in college. We got free refills at the roadhouse/truck stop we would go to. Such good memories there :-)

lisleman said...

I've had a coffee mug or two busted before. Often while cleaning it. I like the company logo ones. They can become rare and maybe collectible. I have one that was a ten year anniversary for a company that is now about 38 years old. Coffee and memories - they go together. thanks

Cheryl P. said...

I think there is a cleaning gene. I come from a long line of excellent house cleaners....more than that really...were cleaning zealots.

As for reality shows about bloggers. I am not aware of any but there are several comedies that have bloggers and one show about a dog that is a blogger...Dog With A Blog.

lisleman said...

Cleaning zealots - that would be over the top for me. Too much cleaning zeal typically ruins the deal for me. I'm working on it. Zeal is a fun word to work with. thanks

Secret Agent Woman said...

There's nothing in black coffee that requires cleaning it. But even though I put sugar in my coffee, I still just rinse it out. I throw it in the dishwasher when I happen to be running a load. And I do have a favorite coffee mug, that happens to be pretty but its not the reason I use that one. Actually, all my coffee mugs are handmade pottery mugs, so I guess they are all pretty.

lisleman said...

"You have a pretty mug!", the police photographer said as she was booked. Yes I agree just a rinse and the mug (coffee one) is good for a day or two. thanks

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