Friday, February 01, 2013

hate filling in forms

Yes I fully realize out of the many troubles and difficulties facing people around the world this is a silly thing to rant about.

Oh just to be clear, the forms I really hate are paper forms filled in by hand. Electronic online forms are not bad. Buying a gift on Amazon, fill out a quick form, no problem.

I have never filled out as many forms than when I was in the Air Force. The job is not done until the paperwork is turned in.  My Air Force career could be the source of my dislike for forms.

The reason behind filling out a form in the first place is typically part of my complaint.

Here’s a common form for Americans to complain about - Form 1040.

In addition to the big Superbowl game, this Sunday marks the 100th anniversary of the 16th Amendment. Ok, I don’t remember which amendment is which either. The 5th Amendment is popular in court I know. The 16th Amendment, ratified on February 3, 1913, allows Congress to levy an income tax on us. This amendment lead to the creation of one of the most dreaded of agencies, the IRS.

Gary Barron, tax specialist, wrote a nice tribute to the amendment for it’s birthday. Being a tax specialist his livelihood is the tax system. Here’s an excerpt from it: 

"...And Congress looked at what it had done, and it was complicated and it was good, and it was called the Revenue Act of 1913...."
I will try to remember this tax season that our complicated tax system provides jobs for many families.

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Frau said...

I'm with you I hate filling out forms and taxes.....headache! Have a great weekend!

lisleman said...

Yes unless you work in a tax-related job then you probably hate taxes. Have a great weekend too.

Tami said...

And to think, I almost majored in accounting. Glad I changed professions! Have a good weekend Bill!

lisleman said...

Accounting just appears to be boring. I guess it can be exciting if you discover embezzlement. thanks

lisleman said...

73 pages - crazy - do you run some corporate holding company that runs tax exempt organizations for endangered housewives or something such as that? thanks

Cheryl P. said...

Some of that is corporate returns but that farm just south of Chicago has more than a few pages. This is why farmers quit being farmers...that and the cost of a combine.

lisleman said...

oh so when someone says "you bought the farm" you really did. interesting.

Bee said...

I hate filling out medical forms. Blech. I've been lucky -- I've never done my taxes in my life because my mom is a CPA. Now my husband does it. If he weren't around, I'd ask my sister to do it. She's an accountant, too. lol

lisleman said...

I didn't mention the medical ones but I do agree they can be worse than tax forms.

Cheryl P. said...

I, also hate filling in forms but some are worse than others. IRS forms are a form of torture. I think the Geneva Convention should of covered this but alas some people think waterboarding is worse. I haven't been waterboarded so with me it's up for debate.

Last year my income tax forms topped in at 73 pages. While our accountant does the hard part there are still of lot of papers and forms that have to be handled back and forth before we get to the signing part. I HATE income tax preparation.

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