Saturday, February 02, 2013

blogging yeah yeah yeah

and did you think this fool could never win 
well look at me I’m posting again 
with a taste for words in a simple way 
and if you need to know 
I’m still blogging you just fade away

(Oh God, my leg just fell asleep. Just a minute. That's better.   I’m back and now in a more comfortable chair. Sorry about that)

Don’t you know I’m still blogging
better than I ever did
writing like a true survivor
feeling like a little kid

I’m still blogging after all this time

posting up the pieces of my life
without giveaways of any kind
I’m still blogging
yeah yeah yeah
I’m still blogging yeah yeah yeah

Do you think Elton reads any blogs?

Here's the real lyrics:


Frau said...

Love it! You never disappoint...I always get a chuckle and smile stop by here! Happy Sunday!

Cheryl P. said...

Aren't you a clever one? Yes, yes you are!

Let's hope that Elton sees it and wants you to collaborate on future projects. Of course, if his leg falls asleep while reading your post, he might lose focus.

lisleman said...

thanks - actually anyone who could sing and record it would be great to collaborate on a parody. I can't sing. Funny thing is my leg did fall asleep yesterday while I was online. I take inspiration anywhere I can.

lisleman said...

thank you - Hope you have a great Sunday and enjoy the challenge of your new job next week.

Bee said...

"without giveaways of any kind" -- lol I love that line

lisleman said...

thanks. I don't care much for the giveaway contest thing much. I actually won one once which was nice. Over doing the giveaway stuff really just turns your blog into an online ad outlet. I run a few ads myself. I would enjoy running something more ad focused but I would not consider it a blog. It's smart to promote your other online business on your blog if you can do it without ruining your post material.

CaliforniaGirl500 said...

I did not need the "real words" to get it, bud, I mean, Lisleman.

Another song befitting your sentiment, "I'm Still Here" by Stephen Sondheim.

lisleman said...

thanks I have not seen that movie.

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