Wednesday, December 07, 2011

on the seventh day

Chris Mazday reporting from the Lakes of Lisle.

So what did you find Chris?

It’s being called “swan surprise” by the locals. Behind me you’ll see a gaggle of seven swans. One of these swans has remarkable skills. Lets see if I can get some answers. Uh birdie, could you tell us … 

Birdie ?  Please I’m a swan. 
Name is Wauna. 
You probably want to talk to our brother. 

Thanks Wauna, what’s his name?

Seventh son. 

(Shouting out at the swans) I would like to speak to the Seventh son. (a very proud swan swims over) 

I can tell your future. 
Before it comes to pass. 
I can do things for you make your heart feel glad. 
A look in the sky, 
predict the rain. 
I can tell when a woman got another man. 

Wonderful, please tell us more. 

Yes I’m the one. 
The one they call 
the seventh son.

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A Daft Scots Lass said...

Reminds me of a White Stripes song called Ball and Biscuit.

Frau said...


Blogdramedy said...

You're like the "seventh sign" of BlogFestivus. ;-) Good one!

lisleman said...

I'm White Stripes challenged.  The only song I have of theirs is Icky Thump, and I don't listen it much.  The song lyrics comes from "The Seventh Son" a jazzy blues type song.

lisleman said...

thanks - seventh sign sounds good unless it's the seventh stop sign you have blown.

Becomingbitter said...

Read the other days I missed and I like this one the most. I was surprised indeed.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi Lisleman,  I just caught up and your'e doing a great job with this.  This might be my favorite (although I did remember my crazy uncle with the "pul my finger" humor.)
Cheers, jj

Jene said...

Oh, I think you'd like White Stripes!

I think you should sing it for us.

lisleman said...

thanks - I always wonder which post is the best.  A very subjective call isn't it?

lisleman said...

thanks - It's fun to try dialogues and to mix with song lyrics just adds to fun.

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