Tuesday, December 06, 2011

on the sixth day

Boring annoying holiday time with your relatives is just your attitude. I put myself in a festive mood first. 

Oh Merry Christmas. Where are your parents? 

Here pull my finger. Oh you remember that one do you? 

Have you talked with Santa yet? 

Oh you are too old for Santa, eh? I’m sure Santa has no problem crossing you off his list. 

You’re asking me to play what? 

Angry birds? 

I’ve been known to mix-up many names. Is it Jack or Jake? 

Well Charlie, I remember on the sixth day you get six geese a-laying. NOT angry birds. Angry about what? 

Did they get plucked for goose down? 

You don’t know what goose down is? 

Oh our wasted education tax dollars. Next time you’re blasted by an icy wind, you’ll wish you knew what goose down was. 

Speaking of ice, I need to marinate more ice cubes. Hey move I’m watching the game.

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A Daft Scots Lass said...


frau said...

Another perfect day! 

Blogdramedy said...

We're either killing off birds in BlogFestivus or drinking. Hm. :-)

Kristina P. said...

My husband STILL does the pull your finger.

Lindsey Anthony said...

Yup! Sounds like Christmas!

lisleman said...

to you???

Amy said...

Sooo glad I don't have to deal with little kids over Christmas anymore!

lisleman said...

Christmas is really all about kids I believe but yes little high energy possibly over-tired rug rats can get on your nerves.  So I enjoy watching little kids open presents, sing songs and have fun.  I don't care much for breaking ornaments, throwing food, punching they sibling, and screaming down the hall.

Jene said...

Ah, marinated ice cubes! The best part of a drink. Maybe we should write an updated version of the 12 Days, complete with Angry Birds.

lisleman said...

I thought you might notice Charlie in the dialogue.  As I get to the end of this challenge I've been thinking about parodies of the song.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Wait, you DELIBERATELY do those annoying things at family get-togethers?

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