Tuesday, November 22, 2011

gather round ballbots

Maybe in the not too distant future, ballbots will gather round and "talk" about their owners.

Honestly until I watched the video clip included below I had not heard of a ballbot.  A ballbot is a robot with a big ball.  By controlling the ball the robot's motion is controlled.  The video clip will give you the basic idea.  The movement reminds me of Rosey the Robot who worked for George Jetson.

Robots lacking good motion are like bloggers lacking spell check.  A chunk of plastic or metal that doesn't move well is just not that impressive.

I the second clip included below you'll see another very advanced humanoid type of bot.  HRP-4C (4U2C, for you to see, would have been catchier) is a Japanese robot with female curves and apparently the ambition to become the next J-Lo.  I think Shakira should be hired as a consultant for this.

Shake your bot.

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Bearmancartoons said...

Until ballbot has a chair, I am not impressed.

lisleman said...

tough customer - a chair would be a useful application.  Actually I don't think they would work well on anything but a flat surface.  thanks

Nezzy said...

Spell check???  Your jokin'...it lights up like a Christmas tree when I use it over at my place!!!!  Heeehehehe!

Short attention span...sorry, I bore easily!  :o)

Hey man, have a blessed and beautiful Thanksgiving!!!

oceangirl said...

Wow we're already talking JLo and Shakira.  We've come a long way.

Rebecca said...

I wonder with the human like bot if they are going to start using that technology for amputee patients?  I am fascinated to think about what may be possible for even 10-20 years from now.

lisleman said...

I have seen some of this technology used in artificial limbs.  The most amazing part of prosthetic limbs is the connection they can make to our nervous system.  Thanks for pointing this aspect of the robotics. 

lisleman said...

come a long way for robots or this blog?   That robot in the clip has a long way to go before it can dance a J-Lo number.  thanks

lisleman said...

So you and spell check have a thing for each other.
Have beautiful thankful Thanksgiving too.  thanks

CaliforniaGirl500 said...

Okay. The ballbot was amazing.  Had to watch it twice so my husband could see it.  I'm happy they gave applications because that's what I was waiting for.

The second one, if it isn't a computer graphic like my husband says but I disagree, is downright creepy scary.  It's SciFi come to fruition.  That robot walking.  ewwwww.  Pretty soon they'll be driving.  Next thing you know, Robot army and we'll all be prisoners.  Yes, that's how I see it.  Ewwww.

lisleman said...

Have you seen some of the robots-take-over-the-world movies?  I'm very certain that it is NOT graphics.  They have shown this model robot at trade shows.  I've never seen it myself but from the various video clips I do think it is real.
Now regarding take overs and robots, I tend to think along the lines of Wall-e.

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