Thursday, November 03, 2011

Frequent Friday Fragments

Something touch me deep inside, 
the Friday a fragment fried. 
So bye bye my burger and fry. 
Wrote my blog for the dog but the dog barked bye. 

I knew I had too much whiskey and rye. 
And there we were, all in one place. 
A generation lost in space.

Did you write a Friday fragment post or the book of love? I met a blogger who collected the fragments, Mrs. 4444. You won’t be out of luck because she has the ultimate Friday fragment collection (maybe some American pie too).

Mommy's Idea

Greek leaders tempted by sirens
(didn’t that happen about 2000 some years ago?) 

Maybe some of you watch the stock market a little. I’m weary from watching this continuous Greek tragedy being reviewed. Their show needs to close for awhile, they have lost their audience. 

what do I owe you?

You know what is tempting on a hot summer day? A water balloon fight. Keeping track of the worlds record water balloon fight is a nice diversion. Currently, University of Kentucky’s Christian Student Fellowship holds the record at 175,141 water balloons 8,957 people and a well watered field.

A long long post ago, do you recall what was revealed the day my feeble Friday fragment posted? 

In that feeble Friday fragment I told my Cisco Kid story. I should finish the story and tell you about how I laid myself down to rest in a big field of tall grass. I laid there in the sun and felt it caressing my face as I fell asleep and dreamed. I dreamed I was in a Hollywood movie and that I was the star of the movie. This really blew my mind.  

But there I was.


Nezzy said...

Ya just gotta love that Mrs. 4444's, ya never know what your gonna find over there.

Now, can ya tell me how the heck I'm gonna get this song outta my head tonight???  I once walked into church singin' "Play that Funky Music White Boy" just 'cause it was the first song I heard that Sunday Mornin'.   Heeheehhee!

God bless and have an extraordinary day Man!!!  :o)

lisleman said...

I think it's good song to have stuck but yes that is a common problem.  I suggest you sing some Christmas songs.  Oh if your church service includes wine, "Spill the Wine" could fit right in.  Thanks

Secret Agent Woman said...

I pretty much have one son or another in my head all the time. It's like an ipod inside my skull.

lisleman said...

A natural I-pod - interesting.  I enjoy playing around with the lyrics.

Mrs4444 said...

What a coincidence! Someone at our Halloween party last weekend said that he drove the band home the night before the fateful night. Not sure about the validity of his story, but he seems like an honest guy.

No pie tonight, sorry. However, I might be able to scrounge a cakepop up! 

Fun Poem--You really know how to get into the spirit! :)

unknownmami said...

Dang it that song is going to be stuck in my head all night.

Laurie Matherne said...

I give myself credit for introducing the concept of water balloons to my ragamuffin kids in Honduras. We had great fun dropping them from a second story balcony. 

frau said...

Happy Friday....much better song in my mind then the boom boom song that's been there all morning....a little too early for wine! 
Have a great weekend! 

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Oh me too....the Greek Tragedy, that's lost me as part of the audience too.

My Fragmental Friday Link

Hope you have a quiet day for yourself this weekend.  See y'over at my blog if you can find time.

lisleman said...

I do know they had a concert somewhere in southern WI close to the time of the plane crash.  I believe their last concert was in Iowa (or we they going to Iowa?).  I'm glad you stopped by and liked the post.  I'll hold out for pie over cakepop but I'm not a big cake eater.

lisleman said...

You're welcomed.  Maybe I should start a song-stuck-in-head replacement service.

lisleman said...

You could go down in Honduras history for that introduction.  Given the water supply stories you have mentioned on your blog, I don't think water balloons will be that popular there.  What's next to introduce?  paper wad throwing, egg toss
thanks for sharing.

lisleman said...

Happy Friday too - boom boom song?  Where did that come from?

lisleman said...

Yeah maybe I could lay down in the tall grass - oh wait it's cold and damp outside.  Maybe I'll just lay down on the couch.  thanks

elliereads said...

I had no idea Don McLean lived in Lisle.

lisleman said...

Oh yeah, he and the Cisco Kid hang around the train station and beg for American Pie.  thanks

QandleQueen said...

Completely agree about the greek tragedy being a show that has lost its audience.  Close the curtains and call it day!

Gina said...

The world's largest water ballon fight sounds way more fun than keeping track of the Greek economy.  I am having a hard time figuring out how the little tiny country of Greece is having such an effect on our stock market. 

lisleman said...

I hope you clicked over to the water balloon fight the movie clip is fun to watch and you don't get wet.  If I follow the logic on Greece (more emotion in the market than logic) the reasoning is Greece's defaulting could trigger other countries like Italy (mentioned often) to fall with the end result of a European recession.

lisleman said...

A possible good thing could be inexpensive vacations to Greece but who knows.  Buy more feta cheese I say.

Joanna Jenkins said...

The Stock Market-- The minute my husband walks in the door at the end of the day I can tell if the market was up or down.  Sheesh, it's gotta get batter soon.

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