Tuesday, August 02, 2011

another what if by lisleman

What if someone asked me for tag line ideas for a doggie daycare?

(I’m not very knowledgeable on pet care, so please let me know if a kitty daycare exists. Cats are picky and really into themselves. Please correct my view on cats if you like. Except if you are a cat then I don’t care to hear from you.  Who let cats get on the internet in the first place?  A daycare would not be popular with cats. Cat fights.)

If I had a doggie daycare I would use these tag lines in my ads:

Your dog will lift a leg for our daycare.

Best butt sniffs in town.

The dogs are lined up to sniff your arrival.

Give your dog more than a bone to chew.

Bark, yelp, wag, roll over to a real treat.

We don't have a dog anymore.  Our schnoodle was part of the family years ago.  Sure there are times that the dog's welcome is missed but the many responsibilities of pet care are not missed.  I suspect these doggie daycare operators probably see owners who might not fit the good dog owner type.  Why have a dog if you are not going to walk it often.

Back in 2009, I learned about a new airline just for pets. Pet Airways is still in business. Here’s a funny clip from Jay Leno about Pet Airways.


A Daft Scots Lass said...

You gotta be shittin' me!!

Bearmancartoons said...

How about a leg (or two) up on our competition.

lisleman said...

thanks for dropping by - Ok I'll take that not as a tag line suggestion but your shocked reaction to either the doggie daycare or the pet airline.  Pets are a huge business here.  No doggie daycare in your country?  Big opportunity - right?  Of course doggie daycare customers do shit all over the place.

lisleman said...

good - hey work that into a cartoon.  thanks

Jene said...

Probably a good thing you're not in marketing.

We had a big black lab growing up, but since then I've been more of a cat person. They can take care of themselves when you go out of town.

lisleman said...

Yes you are right about conventional marketing.  But what about guerrilla marketing?  (you don't need to wear an ape suit either) 
So you agree then about a kitty daycare would be a big fail.

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