Sunday, May 10, 2009

up in the air news

Because of my past career ties to the airline industry (see background if you're wondering), I probably notice airline news more than some. I find some of it interesting. Hope you do too.

(please note these stories are not related to each other - they just involve airlines or flying)

pet airways

So has your dog or cat been pestering about their vacation plans?

You need to check out Pet Airways.

We love our pets and spend quite a lot of money on their well being. Now you can fly them in the main cabin on the first pet only airline. There is even a a pet-attendant that's on-board watching over the pet passengers.

I suggest they equip the planes with in-flight Wi-fi so they could offer a web cam of the flight.

pet airways
(photo from Pet Airways)

Now this passenger on a recent United Airlines flight was acting like an animal. Too bad Pet Airways isn't flying yet maybe they could find a cage for her.

Passenger tries to bite flight attendant

"...fell to the floor and began "snapping like a dog" trying to bite a flight attendant's leg, the court papers said."

According to the story in the Chicago Tribune last week she was returning to the UK after hooking-up with a Californian she meet on the internet. OH the stories you hear about internet relationships. Maybe it didn't go well.

Her flight back sure didn't go well. They were forced to land in Maine and put her under arrest. Besides disrupting the flight it was said that she drank some hand lotion - strange?

And to wrap-up my "up in the air new":
When you have no choice and you are going down - go for the porta-potties.

Remember the water landing on the Hudson? Smaller plane and less water - Out in Washington a pilot landed his Cessna 182 on a group of porta-potties - shitty landing. He walked away but I don't think he cleaned up much after using them.
(this clip doesn't have sound)

Story here.

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Dayflyer said...

If a human passenger who tries to bite a flight attendant gets arrested, what happens when a canine passenger does the same (and probably succeeds)?

I wonder if they'll need special flights for different breeds or species?

I certainly wouldn't want to be anywhere near one of those things!

lisleman said...

@dayflyer good point - my guess (this is all new territory) is the airline would not do anything since it would ruin future business. If you check their site's FAQ, it says they have no species restrictions.
thanks for the good questions

alantru said...

I worked on a wildlife show once. We had to book animals like bears on planes and into hotel rooms. (For talk show appearances -- with the celebrites.)


lisleman said...

@alantru I bet you run into trouble getting people to believe you when you are not joking.

That must have been an interesting job. Would you be able to fit it into you blog story?

Lilly said...

Oh my gosh, this would be like a zoo in the air, not thanks!!

lisleman said...

@lilly you may have misunderstood their setup. Other than the crew (I suspect crew of 3) there are NO people just pets.

alantru said...

Hey lisleman,

I don't think I can think of a way to incorporate wild animals, planes, and hotel rooms into the mundane world of selling windows and doors.


Sprite's Keeper said...

I can barely get up the nerve to get on a plane myself. How will my beagle (who's worse than me in paranoia) survive a flight solo? She hates her front paws being off the ground! This is a great post! I'm linking this one too!

lisleman said...

@sprite - thanks
As I mentioned we've had pets but have never been in a position to consider putting them on a plane. They have gone on a few long car rides but the best option is getting a pet sitter - I suspect that's the most common.

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