Tuesday, July 19, 2011

midnight in Savannah

Jene over at The Original Bean is on week 14 of her musical challenge/game. I’m not a big player. Like a cheap turntable I skip. The topic this time is a song that reminds you of a somewhere.

If I Get on the Road Again and try for Over the Rainbow, I might discover I Left My Heart In San Francisco.

Those are obvious travel related songs and you might think me, The Fool On The Hill if I don’t try a little harder. Ok I’ll give it a try but I’m NOT taking the Stairway to Heaven or the Highway to Hell.

Years ago my wife and I spent a few wonderful days in Savannah GA.

We were there for a couple of midnights and stayed at a beautiful B & B.

We took the Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil tour. The tour guide had been an extra in the movie.

Listening to Skylark reminds me of the movie which reminds of Savannah GA.


unknownmami said...

Lovely photographs,such beautiful architecture.

Pearl said...

What a beautiful place Savannah must be, if the pictures are doing it justice.

And Skylark?  What a FABULOUS song!


lisleman said...

thanks, I think Savannah is one of those unique scenic walkable towns.
I like the song because of the memories.

Hey that little teaser I left in your comment section referred to my last post.

lisleman said...

thanks - They keep up most of the old buildings like they do in SF.

CaliforniaGirl500 said...

That was a GREAT book.  My husband and I visited Savannah 25 yrs ago or so.  He was there again on business about 6 yrs ago.  We loved the architecture and preservation.  I don't think we saw the cemetary as the book hadn't been written although I know it's a prominent cemetary.  Lexington, KY, where my husband's father's family are buried, is another gorgeous cemetary.

AWESOME version of "Skylark".  Johnny Mercer, right?  I compiled music on the player thingamajig last year for his 100th birthday anniversary.  He was unbelievably talented.  KD Lang has the most incredible voice.

Nice photos, nice music, nice post!

lisleman said...

Johnny Mercer - yes you are right.  The tour guide pointed out the Johnny Mercer also wrote Zip A Dee Do Dah for Disney.  She had us singing it as the tour bus drove through the Bonaventure cemetery.  Crazy lady.

oceangirl said...

i love savannah georgia. i could go back, someday.

Pseudo said...

We went to Savannah, I loved it. 

"freefallin" reminds me of the San Fernando Valley in So Cal...

lisleman said...

you have seen many places in the USA.    You should return and see how they changed and how they didn't change.

lisleman said...

Why does freefallin remind you of that place?

Jene said...

Gorgeous B&B. I'd like to visit Savannah sometime, I've only been "down south" to visit my dad and his wife a few times, but I don't think that super rural Alabama shows all of the good that the south has to offer.

Excellent song choice. I feel my blood pressure lowering note by note.

Jene said...

Now that I think about it, it's kind of interesting to look at the types of music that are associated with different parts of the country. I bet no one would ever say that your song reminds them of the hustle and bustle of NYC :)

lisleman said...

Good point about the regional differences.  Before the world started flattening with travel, trade, etc., the differences were probably more noticeable.  I lived through and enjoyed the British invasion of the late sixties  but it was not until about 30 years later did I learn that the British rockers were influenced by our  Blues and notably many of the Chicago Blues players.  NYC music - typically I think of Broadway and big shows.

W.C. Camp said...

Nice post and pix. I have been to Georgia a few times but mostly to Atlanta and smaller towns on the road from South Carolina. Savannah looks great but tell me where I can get one of those BLACK ice cream cones like the woman is eating in the picture? W.C.C.

lisleman said...

Those black cones - not only could you try eating them (you could not me) but you can sing into them too.  After you heard me singing into one you probably would eat it just to stop the singing.

secret agent woman said...

Savannah is at the top of my list for places I may relocate after my kids are grown.

lisleman said...

Didn't think you were even thinking of relocation.  I don't think I would like living there but it is a wonderful place to visit.

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