Thursday, July 21, 2011

Frying Flaming Friday Fragments

I don't need to tell anyone in the US (maybe other parts of world either?) that it is

As long as the A/C is working, blogging doesn’t generate a sweat. Mrs. 4444 is hosting her Friday Fragments but I don’t know if she will be grilling them or serving them cold.

From the US weather map, I know many of you having been frying in this heat wave. I’m hoping we don’t have another sweaty Saturday. Mary Schmich of the Chicago Tribune wrote a poem about this hot weather. Here’s the ending of it:

But as we swelter
Whine and moan
Let's not forget:
This heat's on loan.

As fast as we
Can say July
The summer will
Have said goodbye. (the whole poem is over here.)

Yes “The Onion” has been around for years and years, but I still go there and check out their fake news stories. Here’s a great headline:
No One In Group Admits Girls' Night Out A Colossal Failure

Ok that last one was a funny fake one but here’s a true one certain to get your attention if you live in Lake County:
Rare snake reintroduced to wild in Lake County
(nice looking smooth green snake - perhaps they should tell more people who might kill them if the snakes happen to be slithering around the garden.)

I experienced googledipity last week. I was checking out a blog and found this interesting post about dichos. I don't know much beyond cerveza, so I googled dichos.
Now I know of an alternative to fortune cookies. Check out Dichos.
Next cinco de mayo I'll be ready.

I text, but not much. I don’t have a smartphone and don’t want one (is that being a rebel? doubt it). But recently I’ve seen more and more variations of the :) or ;) emoticons in comments. It made me realize that I am emoticon challenged. Very sad because it’s a whole language that I don’t understand well.  Just the other day I thought Mrs. 4444 stuck her tongue out at me in a comment section.  She claims I misread the emoticon.

Like saying “Cerveza por favor” and not knowing one damn bit of the reply other than “si”.

Oh did you hear about the latest monkey news?

(I should look into Monkey Reporter jobs - that would be cool fun job)
In the small village of Talwas, Rajasthan, Raju, a well-known cigarette smoking monkey, and his bride Chinki were married ….

Cigarette smoking monkeys getting married in India.  Something tells me if the same-sex marriage opponents learn this they would twist it into a "see what could happen" argument.

Well it turns out monkey weddings although popular in some areas are actually illegal and the wedding had to moved to the deep jungle or somewhere.  (the story you curious monkey)

Lisleman’s Left-over Laughs - LLL
I plan to launch next week. Nothing too fancy, you don’t need to dress up (as if you ever do for blogging). I’ll have a linky thingy for you to share your Left-over Laughs. Please check back.

The LLL idea is share laughs such as:
debt ceiling - Paula Poundstone’s solution - Have the leaders get stoned and stare at the ceiling.

(the divider pics are from )

Mommy's Idea


Kristina P. said...

I try to use emoticons minimally, but because I am rather snarky, I use them so people know I'm joking.

lisleman said...

That's a good use.  I should use them because I just trust the reader's good humor to laugh at my crass remarks.
Hey great seeing your comment once again - but - are you not behind in your posting?

Bearmancartoons said...

I dress up for blogging.  I put pants on.

lisleman said...

Do you know TMI?  This could be an example.  I'm glad you dress all your cartoons.  I didn't think of it until just now but my LLL will be open to a cartoon with a laugh.

Ann in the UP said...

I, for one, am looking forward to LLL's.  Just the ticket for an evening of spitting and snorting laughter.

unknownmami said...

Those Dicho cookies are friggin' brilliant. I wish I had come up with that idea.

lisleman said...

I have no clue what size market it would be but I imagine you could compete with them.  Hey maybe you should add a Dicho along with a fortune cookie to  you post.

lisleman said...

 Thanks, I hope that will be the case.  Maybe I'll need to put a warning label on it.

Laurie Matherne said...

I hate emoticons. I refuse to read them. I don't like acronyms either such as lol, rofl, etc. I want to find a blackboard and scrape my nails when these occur in blogs. Seriously I need a glass of wine. Iced. 

lisleman said...

OMG - sorry I just want to help your local vineyard.
I don't hate them but yes they are overused and new ones are confusing.
Oh I hope you don't mind LLL (next week I hope).

oceangirl said...

i don't know which one to pick, they are all funny and interesting, complete with LLL if you don't have enough :) - that is a smile, don't do this :)) because it will give you double chin! i learned all these many moons ago from my son. back at the time when i learned LOL and OMG, then it was bff.  but i text proper language, but now my son made a comment about me using only lower letters. i told him i want to let loose a little.

Cyndy DysFUNctional Mom said...

I like using emoticons.  I started using them in emails, long before texting.  Here's sticking your tongue out: :P 

Laurie Matherne said...

Ok. TTL. (Scraping nails on old blackyard as I type with my feet.) 

Eternal Lizdom said...


lisleman said...

tongue ?  how about  this one  ;,,,(  I think it is tears but what do I know I barely emote the emoticons.

lisleman said...

The problem is when you use them along with punctuation and the comma or period gets mixed in with the emoticon.  For example, the colon you put before the emoticon is it part of the emoticon?  Do they offer emoticon studies in college? 

lisleman said...

thanks - I can relate to the reverse education you get from your kids.  So BFF was one I learned long ago when our kids were teenagers.  But luckily smartphones and texting were not around then.  Using just lower case can speed up your typing.

Life in a Small Town said...

Enjoyed reading your post!  4 years of Spanish and I've never heard of a "dicho".  Wow.  I learned several new things from reading!  Who knew smoking monkees in India got married?

secret agent woman said...

It has been hot here, but we seem to be faring better here in the South than in many other parts of the country.

I use emoticons some, but mostly because I refuse to use LOL and the like.  But I do text all the time.

lisleman said...

Blogs are wonderful learning tools.

lisleman said...

Yes LOL is getting old - soon it will mean Lame Old Letters.

Doreenb8 said...

I am such a late bloomer I just got the hang of the emoticons.  The simple ones.   I'm a rebel too; but I now really need a smart phone...I know it will be so frustrating and as soon as I have it figured out there will no doubt be a smarter phone.  Frankly I'm getting sick of inadimate objects being smarter than I.  I am looking forward to LLL...I hope I remember:)

lisleman said...

I hope I can continue to hold off.  I think they are addictive annoying things.
Hey I'm planning to launch LLL this Sunday.  I'm getting the blog set up now - pardon the confusing pixels and links.

mub said...

My emoticon arsenal ususally consists of =D and :P and sometimes ;)
That's about it though...

It's been rather chilly here in The Netherlands lately.  We're supposed to have a high of 62 F today... and I don't think it's been much warmer than 70 for the past couple of weeks.  I'm not going to complain though.  It's much easier to put on a sweater than try to peel your sweaty sticky skin off your bones in the hopes that might make you feel cooler!

lisleman said...

Temperatures  between mid-60's and 80 (F) are great.  Thanks for converting to Fahrenheit for the Americans.
thanks for stopping here.

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