Tuesday, July 26, 2011

dumb and dumber go boating

Just a quick post about a funny/stupid/strange youtube clip I stumbled on.

I have never been to this beach.  In fact, I had to replay the video to pickup where this fun in the sun took place.

It takes place in Grand Bend Canada (being just over the border don't assume dumb and dumber are Canadian but it does seem that they may have grown up in the back woods wilderness) which is on Lake Huron.  Apparently they have never heard of a boat ramp or why people use them.

I thought oh maybe there are no boat ramps nearby.  Well just a few minutes (maybe they don't know about internet searching) of searching and I found a few marinas with boat ramps.  Clicking around I even found a web cam of one of the boat ramps (you'll never see these idiots on that web cam).

This clip is long.  About 9-10 minutes.  But the action starts right away and plot thickens quickly.  I suggest you stick around for the tractors to show up.  They are really the stars of the show.

Also if you start to go numb in the brain while watching, fast forward to the end part which has a good view of the first SUV that started the whole thing.

Confused?  Just watch the clip.

another circus 


Jillsy Girl said...

I loved the french version of "Green Acres"!  It didn't really show how they were pulled out. I guess it was the tractors, though.  

lisleman said...

Yes a bonus feature of the clip.  thanks for the comment.  You probably have seen some dumb boating things before.

oceangirl said...

too much, almost hard to believe.

lisleman said...

yes it is hard to believe it but I'm very sure it's real.  Maybe these guys think of their vehicles as toys that can do anything.  I would not want to go boating with them.

frau said...

Omg too funny hard to believe such idiots exists! Remind me not to buy a Ford from anyone in Canada! 

lisleman said...

don't buy a damp one.  thanks

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