Wednesday, July 27, 2011

free hula in the air

It must be my week for youtube clips. Yesterday was dumb and dumber.

Today I offer a nice change from those dumb boaters. How about a talented flash mob flying through the air?

A hula dance group traveling from San Francisco to Honolulu surprised their fellow passengers on a Hawaiian Airlines flight recently.

I've never seen a fun surprise like this on a flight (the long flights could use things like this) but I did get a surprise once on the tube between Heathrow and London.  At one station a magician got on and started performing very entertaining magic tricks.  Just before another station down the track he passed his collection hat and got off.  I presume he got on the train going the other way and started his magic performance over again.  The Brits call these performers buskers.  Most of them are very good.

I wonder if this group got some extra frequent-flyer miles, they deserved something for such a good performance.

(oh they do two songs - I like the second one - "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" the best)

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Bearmancartoons said...

We it was more like a Flash Knitting Circle than a Flash MOB but fun just the same.

tracismixedbag said...

Very cool flash mob. The loveliest thing I've seen on a plane.

lisleman said...

The music was of the slower nature wasn't it?  thanks

lisleman said...

This is nice and would be fun but the loveliest thing on a plane for me is an empty seat next to me.  thanks

TechnoBabe . said...

Those lucky passengers! What fun that would be. San Diego to Honolulu was the way I traveled and it seemed like a long flight. Maybe people can relax a little more again and enjoy flying and not have fear about every person who does not look just like them. 

lisleman said...

We did Chicago - Honolulu - so it was more than twice as long as yours.
Good point about relaxing.  I worry more about missing the flight than any accidents or attacks but I know everyone's fears and worries are different.

Jillsy Girl said...

I wonder how they got the people together for a flight.

secret agent woman said...

I liked te first dance best, where they had people joining in two at a time.

savannah said...

absolutely lovely, sugar! thank you! xoxoxox

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