Tuesday, June 07, 2011

hey dude

don’t make it bad
take a sad BLOG and make it better
(my apologies to Sir Paul McCartney)

I thought this blog could use a few tweaks (not tweets but sure tweet all you want).

Maybe I should quiz you on the changes. Nah, I’ll point them out for you. It’s hot outside and I don’t want anyone sweating another quiz. (like that last quiz was so tough - gee c’mon)

A few pixels were dusted off and rearranged a little.

New banner - Ok, maybe modified banner is probably more accurate.

New page including its related button.

Then I got carried away and changed the whole template. New colors, new background. I am not sure I like it.

It was a little nerve racking changing the template because as I tried on the new designs I notice the DISQUS comment system was gone. Oh great. It was easy to restore. Hopefully everything is in working order now, well except me. I’m not sure when I was in working order.

I was not born lisleman. I moved there and I was born a baby. Oh if you happen to read a news report about "Lisle man" please notice my moniker is one word. I'm not responsible for my crazy neighbors.

Interested in learning more? click over to the new about page.


Kristina P. said...

I like the new color scheme!

lisleman said...

thank you - it means a lot to me that someone shared their opinion of the new colors and even better - you liked it.  I'm open to opinions either way.

Dwmatty said...

A few months ago I changed the look of my blog too.  Sometimes you just need to make a change to freshen things up.  I think it helps you recharge, and gives your visitors a change of pace.

TechnoBabe . said...

The new colors are great. Better than great. Attractive. Nah, better than attractive. Appealing and Inviting. Yeah, that's it.

You did it, made a change and it is for the better.

Jene said...

I like the colors. Did you take the background picture yourself? I have a similar one on my desktop, but it's a rainbow because I used christmas tree lights.

I keep meaning to re-format my own blog, but haven't managed to carve out the time. Soon!

I also enjoyed your new "about" page, and the forehead-up picture is perfect for the mad scientist type.

Jillsy Girl said...

You should change the red background color to make powerful new statement!! :-)

Jillsy Girl said...

huh....i just read Kristina's statement.  I could swear you've always had a red color scheme...no??

secret agent woman said...

I like the brown and white (and the light bulby things on the sides).  It's easy to read.  Good thing you just explained the changes, though - beginning with kindergarten, I spent a total of 20 years in school, so I no longer take quizzes on demand.

lisleman said...

thanks - maybe it's like the restaurants and grocery stores always remodeling to look new.  I agree with the recharge idea but finding the right juice is not easy.  Oh, I noticed you did a guest blogger thing too - great idea.

lisleman said...

thanks  -  Were you in sales once?  Your comment could be an ad for me.  thanks

lisleman said...

No the large background in from one of the templates.  There's a credit at the very bottom.  Thanks for reading the about page.  I think those pages are good for new visitors that want to learn a little more.  Many visitors are drive-by browsers so I don't think it gets read too much.  Mad Scientist - I had to go back and find a post because that observation matches the post.  Since you are very good about commenting (if you're not, just let me think you are) you must not have read that post.  It was post last Dec.  Here's the link -

lisleman said...

red is more that power - it's sexy on a car, not that I own a red car - it looks fresh on a strawberry.  Unless you mean that the text background area should be brighter red.

lisleman said...

The side areas were red and appeared to be red velvet curtains.   The main text area background was white.

lisleman said...

NO Quizzes on demand - I guessing that may have eliminated a date or two.  Thanks for mentioning the easy to read observation.  Blogs are mostly about reading so I'm glad to hear that.  thanks

Bearmancartoons said...

Testing, testing.  Is this thing on?

Bearmancartoons said...

Testing, testing.  Is this thing on?

lisleman said...

yeah the comments are on.  I was just out.  Do you have another question?

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