Sunday, June 05, 2011

lisleman i didn’t ask for this

I hope it’s not gas. I just don’t know, but something triggered a thought for a quick blogger game.

None of the following bloggers asked for this and after I give it to them, I hope they are not upset. So I know I didn’t warn you about being part of this game but you’ll like it. Go ahead and do your own version using my blog. I would appreciated it.

Lighten up, I’m just joking around.

I thought up a short (“short” is the name around A Few Clowns Short) phrases for each of a few favorite bloggers. Now I’ve been to hundreds of blogs and you probably have too. My list of favorites is larger than the nine I selected but I thought starting with nine was reasonable.

Here’s the simple game - match my phrase with the blog. Not to hard huh?

a) blogs from over the rainbow land
b) happy her pool stopped moving closer to Hollywood
c) just drawn to it
d) will sit anywhere as long as it is on the bus
e) has seen hot rocks monkey visits
f) thinks a paper bag is retro
g) a post is alive with the lyrics of music
h) puzzles over her next puzzle
i) met Forrest Gump at Chippewa Square
j) fights spiders dreams of Halloween

  1. Unknown Mami
  2. Jillsy Girl
  3. Lilly’s Life
  4. Bearman Cartoons
  5. Savannah Marsh Mama
  6. Half-Past Kissin’ Time
  7. The Fifty Factor
  8. OneStonedCrow
  9. Pearl, Why You Little

Hey wait did you notice anything odd?

There is one more phrase listed than blog. So one phrase is a throw-away. I need to be a little tricky. You guys graduated from some school right?

I look forward to your answers in the comments. Now you could jump ahead and read other’s answers. Did you peek at the desk next to you on your exams?

Don’t be like Mr. Bean. He is the perfect example of how not to take a test.

So stop and think of your answer before going to the comment section and be honest with yourself because - The race is long and, in the end, it's only with yourself.

Oh I’m not going to time you on this.


blueviolet said...

Boy, did I pick the wrong night to try to solve a puzzle. I've had a glass of wine and I'm a lightweight. I can't solve a thing!

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Love this skit from Mr Bean.  Its one of my favs.

Bearmancartoons said...

I'm already lost because at least 3 of the statement could apply to me.

unknownmami said...

Well, I'd say #1 is F, but truly I think a paper bag is classic and goes with anything. In some circles it is the new black.

Is 6 J? I remember spiders awhile back.

7 is B and I'm happy her pool stopped moving too.

4 C

2 H

I'm too tired to try the rest

lisleman said...

thanks for playing along.  You are the first to give some answers.  You can come back later and finish the quiz.  Very good answers.  I'll put the whole list out here in a day or two.
"the new black"  -  where did the old black go?   Fashion is weird when you think about it.  Some stores spend extra money for a fashionable shopping bag.  Maybe it works because it's an incentive to buy something just to carry the bag.  weird isn't it?

lisleman said...

You should offer a few answers.  But you know have me guessing what the other 2 that apply to you are.  Maybe 'e' ?  thanks

lisleman said...

I have the whole DVD collection.  My favorite is the baby at the amusement park.  Youtube has a good amount of the clips up there.

lisleman said...

Well if it was just a glass then you should be good later.  Come on back and try again.  No limits on retakes.

savannah said...

i only know which one is mine and one other right now, so i'll have to check out the other blogs before i answer. thanks for including me, sugar! xoxoxo

lisleman said...

thanks for playing along.  Take your time - this is an open book test.

secret agent woman said...

Too tired for games and I'm just trying to catch up by at least reading through recent posts.   An aside, I can't see Gumby without thinking of the Eddie Murphy version in SNL.

lisleman said...

 Ok hope you are doing OK.  I'll be checking out your latest post.
Yeah Eddie Murphy's gumby and the kid's show one (Mr. Rogers parody) were great ones.  thanks

Mrs4444 said...

Okay, off-hand, I'd say Unknown Mami goes with F.
I won't vote on mine, of course.
Bearman Cartoons C

I'm stumped on the rest!I loved the video--He's really good at physical comedy, isn't he?

hope said...

I'm just glad to see you're actually still alive...and blogging.  :)

Seems the comments you and I made on the Titus the Dog blog disappeared (Re: the art show photos of the "newspaper style clippings" discussing guns).  For the record I defended the sane people of SC (there are probably 12 of us) and thought we should offer the Governor to Amazon for packaging.  :)

Now if this comment disappears, Titus and I will believe there's a Blogger Police.  Have a good week!

Lilly said...

Well I am guessing mine is a and 7 is b and will have to read th other blogs to find out more. Be back later....

lisleman said...

I don't recall what comment you are talking about - sorry.

lisleman said...

Good - take your time, it's an open book test.  thanks for playing along

lisleman said...

I'm a big Mr. Bean fan.  Good answers, take your time, it's an open book test.  Thanks for playing along.

brainella said...

I'm just confused...I read some of these blogs and I have no idea what is going on!

lisleman said...

Hmm, could I sell confusion?  Maybe you read too many and you forget which one said what.  My phrases about the blog are based on my reading of their blogs.  It's not necessarily based on recent stuff and may refer to a post from months ago. thanks for sharing your confusion.

Lizzie Dee said...

I'm puzzled with your puzzle. :) Kidding! I'll go ahead and try this later. 

lisleman said...

Please do.  thanks for sharing a comment

Jillsy Girl said...

I only got three, one of which is my own!   

fun game Lisle!  I need to know more of the blogs, though.

lisleman said...

thanks for playing along - good answers.  I have noticed no one wants to try answering all nine.  I hope the game has introduced a new blog to some.  thanks

OneStonedCrow said...

Heh! ... sorry to be a Johnny-come-lately ... I was occupied with hot rocks and monkey visits ... :)

lisleman said...

Thanks for the laugh.  No problem I hope you didn't burn yourself or get crapped on.  Did you want to try any more guesses?  thanks

kevin robert said...

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