Thursday, June 02, 2011

phish phriday phragment

I’m not a phish fan and I certainly dislike phishing. Recently two relatives had their email accounts hacked and taken over. That sucks.

Very random brain waves washing up on the left coast of my head today.

I might try this in our anniversary card someday:
Honey, I love you because you make me feel like there are magical elves living in our house.
(wish me luck)

Recently learned odd fact - The Nazi army created a dog army. I can understand trying to organize packs of dogs for searching but this Nazi idea was more bizarre.  Hitler established an animal talking school near Hanover.  I wonder what those dogs said about him.

Married couple news - Canadian man faked his mugging in Chicago to create a story to tell his wife. He needed to a good reason for not having Oprah show tickets. There are a number of issues going on in that relationship.

Here’s a white and nerdy clip I found the other day:

money and blogging - a shoe shine boy at the beach makes more money than a blogger.

New word - tobloggan
Tobloggan is that easy blog post that just slides off your finger tips without much effort.   I often need a push from a fellow blogger.

Thinking of fellow blogger pushes - Mrs. 4444’s FF feature is great motivation for tobloggans.  Recently, Jillsy Girl offered up an challenge that motivated me into posting about childhood. The post was one of her five finalists.   Wow I was surprised and happy.

Mrs. 4444 awards a “Favorite Fragmenter” to one of the FF players and I won it for this past FF post.

Back in that post I wrote:
Friday must be Mrs. 4444 favorite day because her regular Friday Fragments feature really flies on Friday. I’m sure it is her favorite day that starts with ‘F’.

None of the comments said anything about the favorite day that starts with ‘F’. Here’s your question for today - what is the other day that starts with ‘F’?

Mommy's Idea


unknownmami said...

My favorite day that starts with M is Monday and that is only by default.

lisleman said...

Well that is the other day that starts with 'F' as in "F-ing Monday" or "Forget Monday".  However this would apparently not apply to you.  Actually since I don't work a regular job Monday is not so "F-ing" anymore.  Ok it Monday is actually your favorite day then you should write a tobloggan on it.  thanks

Kristina P. said...

I wonder how Nazi dogs felt about Labradoodles?

lisleman said...

The Nazis were really into pure breeds/races so they probably would look down on a Labradoodle or Snoodle.  All the "oodle" dogs are cute but I don't think the Nazis were into cute.  I just started wondering if I'll offend any Nazi readers, but on second thought screw the Nazis - they suck.

Laurie Matherne said...

I can imagine that Nazi dogs would eat labradoodles like weinerschnitzels. They would like them with a bit of mustard and a pint of beer. 

Bearman said...

Honey, I love you because you make me feel like there are magical elves living in our house.

haha.  I tell my wife that all the time when something gets magically done in our house.  Thanks the elves.  She gets pissed when I do.

blueviolet said...

I hope that card message works out well for you. Tobloggan, lol!

lisleman said...

thanks - depends on if she is in a funny mood.

lisleman said...

Yeah where did they get the idea that we would believe in things like magical elves?  The smurfs?  video games?    thanks

lisleman said...

Hey thanks - I love humor in the comment section.  More humor everywhere is good.  Pint of beer - now that's serious talk.

brainella said...

I'd take a card with that sentiment before getting Wendy's for an anniversary dinner!

W.C.Camp said...

Better watch out, Disney will want to copyright that name for a movie 'Hitler's Dog Army'!! My wife might ignore the magical elves, but I bet I'll get her attention with a dog army! I have to say you never disappoint ... these were the most random fragments yet! Great job! W.C.C.

lisleman said...

Thanks, being random has it's pros and cons, pluses and minuses, ups and downs, (ok I'm making myself dizzy) because it's too easy to go off on a tangent.  See just writing that has me thinking of new carnival ride, the tangent.  It would spin in a big circle and then fling you off on a tangent.  What were you commenting about?  Oh, the dog army and a movie - did you see the movie "Up"?  There was a dog army in that.  There would be an easy defense - squirrels.  Thanks you have my head spinning again.

lisleman said...

So sorry, Burger King or better yet, Culvers (don't know if those are around you) would have been better.  Did you eat in?  Did you at least get a frosty?
I wonder if one of the chains would be interested in an anniversary meal?
It's the thought that counts - ah, scratch that - was it a special sorta first place you met type of place?
thanks for sharing - I probably enjoyed the story more than you. 

Mrs. Ski said...

Upon first glance at the mini photo of the keyboard I thought it had been terribly mangled but was relieved to see the larger version which did not indicate it had been mangled at all. Shew. 

I've had a couple of tobloggans lately, hence, the return from my blogging hiatus. Hah.

lisleman said...

thank you for your concern about my keyboard.   Good to hear you are back to blogging.  If you put your blog url in your DISQUS profile it would be easier to get to your blog.

Mrs4444 said...

Sorry-I can't figure it out, and I feel like googling it would be cheating.

Love the "tobloggan" idea! Did you make that one up?

Thanks, always, for your support of Friday Fragments. Hope you had a great weekend! :)

lisleman said...

it was a good weekend.  It included an outdoor party.  Yes I did think of that and I wonder if I have blogging on my mind too much.  I was reading something that used toboggan in an odd way and it gave me the blog idea.
Oh the other day starting with 'F' has now already started here.  F-ing Monday.  Have a good one.

Dwmatty said...

I wish I had more tobloggan over here.  Those posts aren't rolling off as easy as I'd like. 

Jene said...

Now that's one thing that I'll never see written in a card addressed to me. When it comes to cleaning house, I feel like R2D2 in Star Wars IV - I have a bad motivator.

Those might be my new favorite 31 jokes. Sadly, I've heard a few of those flying out of my mouth.

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