Friday, May 13, 2011

no chicken wings

Ever been to the Grand Canyon?

Have you seen the PBS series "The National Parks: America's Best Idea"?

I am fortunate to answer yes to both questions (I did write the questions). I would like to go back to the Grand Canyon. It is hard to describe. Maybe I don't know enough words meaning BIG. All Americans should have it in their travel plans.

I wish I could share a photo from our trip there but it was before the digital camera and I have not scanned those pictures yet. (side note - I don't think blogs would have become popular before the digital camera)

For those who have been there (others look up some pics), imagine what it would be like to fly over it with a jet pack wing? A what? 

I understand there is only one of them. I posted about this Swiss inventor zooming over the English Channel before.

Recently, he strapped on his jet powered wing, hopped on a helicopter and dropped himself over the Grand Canyon. (side note - he had an easier time getting permission from a Native American tribe than the FAA)

Reminds me of the Jetsons, Rocketman, James Bond, etc. (not chicken man)

The cartoon idea

The real thing

Hey for an extra A-Few-Clowns-Short point - What was Mrs. Jetson's first name?

another circus 


savannah said...

i've been near, but never right there, but i have flown over the grand canyon. i LOVED the PBS series! and now for my extra point, "...Jane, his wife..." yes, i had to hum the tune to remember, sugar! ;~D xoxox

unknownmami said...

I have flown over the Grand Canyon, but never been. I would love to go. I find it mind-blowing that it is man-made. I mean can you imagine how long it took that man to make it?

I hope you realize I'm kidding.

lisleman said...

If you refer to him as The Man maybe you are right but for a number of reasons I think The Man is a she. You should try to get there and it is even closer for you than me. thank - always enjoy the Unknown speaking to me

lisleman said...

I did some posts about the series (the travel tag should get you there).

You are now the proud owner of A-Few-Clowns-Short point. Points maybe combined with other A-Few-Clowns-Short points and someday maybe worth a laugh. At the moment I think we are at the sigh level. thanks

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