Friday, May 13, 2011

fragmented philosophical phantoms

Mrs. 4444, who probably gasps “what have I created” when she reads my FF post, is distributing links to FF posts far and wide.

(update - blogger has been in read only mode for many hours Thursday which is the night the FF post goes up.  This outage has now stretched well into Friday morning.  I started to think that my "I Can't Blog" might become popular since many couldn't. )

Mommy's Idea

googie not google

Do you know the difference? I didn’t until I came across a description that used the term googie whose use goes back further than google. You might be surprised what googie refers to.

Hey you! Yeah I’m talking to you.

Every so often I remind readers who probably read many many blogs that I have another blog. Now in the rare event I found a reader who only read my blog, I would - well first I would not believe it. Second, I would suggest that they check out the blogs listed at the end of the link in my sidebar titled “My Blog Friends”. Third if they were still listening, I would suggest that they seek professional help because just reading one blog will give you a distorted view.

My other blog “Another Circus” has the lisleman list of luxuriant internet clips. 

I can’t blog

Yo saggy pants!

Do you like for your pants to sag so low so that people will know you’re ’street’ as soon as they see you?

Inventor Andrew Lewis has an idea called Subs to help yo with your steez. I thought sagging was an old person problem - Hey Grandpa is sagging - what do I know. (you can order these here for your sagging friends)

I would embed this video but that was disabled so click over to CNN's youtube clip.

I can’t blog

Local bar scene news - 
Cougars hunt seals

Navy Seals have been hotly pursued during the nights since their successful mission against bin Laden. Here’s a 2 AM comment from our local bar reporter:
“Wow, I was flashing at the thought this guy was a real Navy Seal. But then I see this sniper soap and discovered he was just a sleazy salesman. I had better luck with the Top Gun teams.”

A related story here.

Regarding this blogger outage - the DISQUS system kept working so readers could still exchang comments over at "I Can't Blog". Also as I'm typing this post in, my home wireless dropped. I hoping my laptop stays running.

How many Pakistani intelligence (ISI) agents does it take to find a terrorist?
(no points for this one because I don't think it has ever happened.)


Kristina P. said...

I have to admit, I was slightly received to see only 13 unread posts this morning, when I got up, rather than the 100 I normally have!

lisleman said...

I have google reader but I don't use it everyday.  I'm disappointed that Blogger took that long to fix their problem.  I assume it must have been a mysterious bug.  Of course one way to lower your number of unread posts would be reduced your reader's following.  But you would NOT want to drop A Few Clowns Short - right?  thanks

tracismixedbag said...

Speaking of saggy pants. I hated J-Lo's gold Hammer pants on American Idol. People are claiming Belly dancer. I think not.

Here from FF Happy Friday! :-)

unknownmami said...

I'm glad you don't have to worry about having lost any comments. It was very strange to have my reader be so quiet as well. 

Shopannies said...

oh my sounds like you are having lots of mechanical problems hope that it is all resolved now 

lisleman said...

Yes that was a long outage.  My post about the Grand Canyon (you know that man-made place)  was removed and then replaced.  It initially showed up as a draft and I just left it alone to see what would happen to it.  It was re-posted but  the tag/labels were messed up and I fixed that and post became my newest post.  NO big deal but I could see a blogger that had a series be upset.
Thanks for browsing over and checking.

lisleman said...

just like the other bloggers on Blogger.  thanks

lisleman said...

thanks for the J-Lo link - thought the pictures were good.  Stuff performers wear on stage should be different than what people wear other places but  it does appear many people want to dress-up like whoever star and draw attention.  thanks

Mrs4444 said...

You know me so well....hahaha


Those pants suspenders--They say necessity is the mother of invention. I guess so!

googie design makes me think of the Jetsons :)  Interesting.

secret agent woman said...

 All the disappeared posts still appeared in my reader.  Some folks reposted them, some didn't.

lisleman said...

I'm glad to see you checked out googie - yes it was my (I think that post was pushed into the future how appropriate) post on the jetman and the jetsons that lead me to the term.
There are so many dumb things out there in the streets and I guess compared to some others saggy pants are not too bad.

lisleman said...

It caused some confusion but overall if it keeps running I'm fine.  I did have my wed. post become my newest post but I didn't lose any.  thanks for browsing by.

Lilly said...

What was the actual probelm with logger I wonder - first time that has happened in 4 years too.  Must go check your other blog - I could do with some tears of laughter and not just from looking at saggy pants either...

lisleman said...

I saw that you checked the another blog - thanks.  Blogger was out for 20.5 hours according to Blogger.  Their post about it just said that they "experienced some data corruption that impacted Blogger’s behavior. Since
then, bloggers and readers may have experienced a variety of anomalies
including intermittent outages, disappearing posts, and arriving at
unintended blogs or error pages."
What I thought was bad is the amount of time it took to fix the problem ( I assume it is fixed).  I think it is the first time an outage of that magnitude happened to blogger.

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