Monday, April 25, 2011

lisleman's happy song

This week (week 4 of her challenge/game) Jene is asking for a song that makes you happy.

Most songs make me happy. Like most, I hear songs that bring back happy memories from even as far back as my teen years.

This last Saturday night my wife and I listened to a few live at a Jackson Browne concert. I was a pretender running on empty.

Iko Iko, My Sharona, there are many songs that smile in my ears.

Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?

I’m not Bohemian but I really like their rhapsody.

But I have posted about those songs and if you really care you can click on my music tag/label to find them and others.

The happy song for me (at least for this post anyway) is “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”. There is a long write up on this old folk song from Africa on wikipedia. The version I have and still enjoy is by the doo-wop group “The Tokens”.

A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh,

I liked the song before I met my wife but one day (she denies this now - how could I make this up?) the song was playing and she told me of her once misheard song lyric. She thought they sang “my wiener’s wet, my wiener’s wet”. Now having read this I may have just ruined or enhanced the song for you depending how you look at it.


Bearmancartoons said...

Say Hey (I Love You) by Michael Franti....and Walking on Sunshine.

Jene said...

Your poor wife! I would never admit to that mistake, either. We used to sing that song at camp, thanks for sharing :)

lisleman said...

The "Say Hey" was a new one for me. Thanks

lisleman said...

Misunderstood lyrics are fun. You probably know about the site "kiss this guy" that collects them. It's named after the line in a Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze".

unknownmami said...

That us a happy song.

Nilofer Asad said...

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blueviolet said...

I liked My Sharona too! I've heard of people getting lyrics wrong, but that's about the most outlandish!

lisleman said...

It's a pretty funny mix-up but Mrs. 4444 (you probably know her blog) thought a song was telling you to wear your bra.

Grant said...

I get my happy from BEER!!! by Psychostick, or when I'm feeling down New Faith by Slayer.

lisleman said...

I checked out the beer song - thanks - probably will not make my top 10 but not a bad song.

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