Sunday, February 20, 2011

Myth Monday (Sunday edition)

My eyes were opened in a dream, a future’s dream.

Through a foggy mist the great African god Bumba appeared. In a voice that rumbled through the windows Bumba gave me a warning. His English was broken. I could only understand what appeared to be disconnected words.

Sunday, prime, noise, July, future

After deciding he was not telling me of an upcoming Sunday primetime show, I was puzzled about what was going to happen.

frequency, noise, polarization, broken, radar

So many technical terms - did my engineering background and interest in physics lead him to me? Why did he appear in my dream? These questions were not asked but he could read my mind. He was in my mind. He knew my thoughts. Yes was the answer.

“What frequency is broken?”, I bravely thought.

microwave, wi-fi

I woke with a message but unsure of details.  After scribbling these words down and doodling around them, a bleak prophecy seemed to form.

the day of primes - Fifth Sunday of the Seventh Month of the Eleventh year will bring a global event that kills microwave frequencies.

The Monday after -
  • not I-pads but paper pads - pens and paper
  • hotspots gone cold
  • dead cordless phones
  • bluetooth that's is just blue
  • dead garage door openers
  • garbled doppler weather radar
  • noisy satellite TV
  • Theft prevention RFID tags preventing nothing

Something touched me deep inside, the day the Wi-Fi died.


Jillsy Girl said...

did you actually dream this??

Mrs4444 said...

Heaven forbid!

Kristina P. said...


TechnoBabe said...

What would all the people do, stay home with their home internet servers?

secret agent woman said...

But at least we'd still have music.

lisleman said...

Depending how you play your music. Some people are now using wireless speakers (I should add that to the list). But CD/MP3/Albums players no problem. thanks

lisleman said...

It would cause many people to realize how depend they have become on wireless technology. I use it myself but if the wireless stopped I do know how to plug an ethernet cable into the system.

lisleman said...

Yes and no - if you count day-dreaming then totally yes. The idea popped into a dream and I expanded on it during the day.

blueviolet said...

I can't even imagine what kind of mess the world would be in!

Thisstopwilloughby said...


Nezzy said...

Now I want to write this in a song to the tune of 'American Pie'! Heeehehehe!!!

Somedays I just can't help myself. :o)

Ya'll have a marvelously blessed Monday!!!

lisleman said...

Yes me too. I was playing around with some changes but got stuck with Chevy and levee. Of course my last line was modified from one in the song. Let me know if you come up with a new version. thanks

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