Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fragments from an undisclosed location

After the Groundhog Day Blizzard, I dug out and headed to an undisclosed location. The trip was family related and had nothing to do with the blizzard. I decided to try some fun on FB by going celebrity. I updated my FB status with:

currently at an undisclosed location

CNN has not called yet.

While I was on this trip, Mrs. 4444 rewarded me with her FF award - Favorite Fragmenter.

Thanks so very much.
Mommy's Idea

I watched Watson play Jeopardy and was very pleased when I knew one answer they didn’t. I knew that Slovenia is the only former Yugoslav republic in the European Union. No one got the right answer. I had visited Slovenia in 2004 so that helped.

Does this mean I’m smarter than a four-year-long IBM project?

(Honestly when was the last time you watched Jeopardy?  This computer challenge was my only reason)

Recent bit of conversation with my wife:
“Your mom (me - chuckling between words) called me and asked why I didn't have more pictures on facebook. I was thinking WHAT (maybe I said WTF) - she does even touch a computer but now she's asking me about facebook.”
That’s what a new great-grand-son will do to people.

Our nation's Borders - big trouble - chapter 11.   Oh wait, don't we want closed Borders?

One morning during my stay at my daughter’s place, I heard my granddaughter call out from her crib. I heard the noise but not the actually words. I poked my head in the room. I know she saw me.

As I walked across the room to the crib, I almost collapsed in laughter. She got real still and had started pretend snoring with her eyes shut tight except to peek out every so often. The pretend snoring sounded so fake.

I learned that she didn’t want me to take her out of the crib. She want her dad to fetch her. I’m still laughing at her tricky scheme.

The CNBC channel loves to report on reports or surveys. I suspect some of these reports are just done for cable shows. Most seem pretty dumb.

They reported on a survey of the opinions of men versus women regarding the current economy.  One of the results showed 51% of men answered not much had changed. Mark Haines laughed and said, "ask any question and 51% of men would say not much had changed."  I guess you could repaint a room and 51% of men would not notice unless they had to do the painting.

Do you think he’s right?

Who wants to be a millionaire?   I really got into that show years ago. I stumbled onto a funny short film clip that’s related to it.   Check it out on my video clip blog - Another Circus.

another circus    


W.C. Camp said...

I was kind of sad that Borders was having bankruptcy problems and closing until I read your post. Very clever observation. W.C.C.

BearmanCartoons said...

"Our nation's Borders - big trouble - chapter 11. Oh wait, don't we want closed Borders?"

Great line.

Zemeks said...

I watched Jeopardy too just to see that computer play! It was really amazing! I am totally blown away at how IBM could actually design a thinking computer that was that quick too! It involved much more than just inputting databases. The computer actually had to understand the answers to come up with correct questions. I was amazed and think this is a bit scary!

Stopping by from FF.

Jene said...

It's amazing how early on we learn to be a little deceptive in order to get what we want. That is a super cute story, though!

I'm an admitted Jeopardy geek. I love it, would watch it every day if I could, but we've been trying really hard to limit the number of hours the glowing box is on.

Doreenmcgettigan said...

Undisclosed sounds warm; I hope it was. That is too funny about the grand baby! Are you still interested in doing a post for me. It can be anything you feel passionate about. e-mail me any ideas or questions:
Congrats on Favorite Fragmenter!

lisleman said...

the scary part is interesting. Some of the news reports have touch on that. I think we have been affected by movies like "2001 Space Odyssey" with it's murderous computer. I think the scariest possibly is letting marketing companies to get a hold of it.

lisleman said...

Yes I was amazed that she thought of doing that. She is still at the age of putting a blanket on her head and thinking is invisible since she can't see you. thanks

LizC, Eternal Lizdom said...

We actually do enjoy Jeopardy and we watched the Watson episodes and really enjoyed the experience. I don't think Ken Jennings enjoyed it much.

Your granddaughter sure sounds smart and clever!! Watch out for that one!

lisleman said...

thanks - I glad you reminded me. I'll email you.

Pearl said...

I love the idea that 51% of men notice no change. :-) I have four pairs of glasses (varying prescriptions) and my husband never notices when I change from one to the other.

I once went from blonde to brunette and he just stared at me. "Have you done something different?"



lisleman said...

So you think it's a gender thing? I try to remember when my wife has a hair appointment because I need to greet her with "your hair looks good" or something like that. I know it will backfire someday when all she got was a pedicure. (oh hmm ah yeah the hair on your toes ah no I mean wow that polish color is ...)

My Own Brand of Crazy said...

The Borders that is about 3 miles from my house is one of the ones closing. I'm disappointed! I'm with you on Jeopardy. I like the show, but I never watch it. And unfortunately, I think the study about men just might be true. ;)

lisleman said...

I'm thinking if I polled the blog readers I would find a high level of agreement about men.

From Tracie said...

The story about your granddaughter is so cute!

Love your take on the closing of Borders.

I watch Jeopardy sometimes, just because my daughter likes it (she also likes Wheel of Fortune), but we missed the computer episode.

Donna said...

Your fragments are fun to read! You're quite clever!

lisleman said...

thank you - I've been getting some good positive feedback this week and of course it's nice.

secret agent woman said...

That's pretty funny about the fake snoring. Kids can be diabolical.

lisleman said...

thanks - they learn most of it from adults.

Cyndy DysFUNctional Mom said...

Love the story about your granddaughter, I can just picture it. So cute!

Mrs4444 said...

I cleaned our very dirty kitchen floor today. Kendall noticed imediately. Mr.4444 did not. Oh well...

Loved the little granddaughter trick-What a cutie pie. :)

lisleman said...

thanks - another bit of evidence for the clueless man theory.

oceangirl415 said...

Cute fragments from the get go of your undisclosed location. Your grand daughter is soo cute, your line about Borders is cute, your mom is cute, and yes you are smarter than Watson.

TechnoBabe said...

The story of your granddaughter pretending to snore and sleep is cute. I know you had a great time watching and interacting with her while you stayed at your daughter's house.

lisleman said...

thanks - I had to think about "your mom". I think you confused it with my mother-in-law I could have made that clearer. Thanks for the vote of confidence over Watson. Watson should be smart since it is a collection of a whole team of engineers' knowledge. all the best

oceangirl415 said...

The conversation is now cuter;)

Joanna Jenkins said...

Yep, new babies will drive you to Facebook in no time!

Your grand daughter is very cleaver. It always amazes me the things babes learn and pick up on. I think they knew waaay more than we think they do.

Have a great week, jj

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