Monday, February 21, 2011

river of thought

I was listening to a version of “Gentle on My Mind” (by the Boxmasters) and the lyric “rivers of my memory” inspired some thoughts flowing. Memory can be like a river at times.

“River of memory” sounds better to me. Here’s my stream of thoughts (oh it doesn’t go with the song):

river of thought by lisleman (2011)

stand at the edge watching

river of memory tumbles over birthday rocks
toss ripples sparkling light on shores

river of memory calm reflects
another day whips wind waves

afraid to float on river of memory
ride to sea of confusion

river of memory rising
levee of laws holding back flood

drink from river of memory
some future day will be iced over


Regarding the song - it’s been covered by many artists. Glenn Campbell is typically associated with it. The song was written by John Hartford.

I did some youtube searching on it. I found this Lucinda Williams version that I don’t like as much as the Boxmaster version but she certainly presents it in a very mellow way.  Lucinda Williams has written great blues and sings country songs with a blues type twist.  I recommend you check out her song “Righteously”.

For real change of whatever, I found a parody of it, called “Gentials on my mind”. Warning this parody is funny if you have the mindset of a teenage boy and except for the melody has nothing in common with "Gentle on my mind".


oceangirl415 said...

Yeah, yeah lisleman ;)

lisleman said...

thanks so you like the river?

Jillsy Girl said...

Am I understanding this correctly ~ you wrote that poem? If you did, you have some hidden talents, Lisle!

lisleman said...

yes sometimes I can string a few words together. Do remember that strange piece I did for your challenge last March - lisleman's lion lamb lexicon ?

Thisstopwilloughby said...

Nice work!

lisleman said...

thanks - I'm glad I went ahead and posted it because if I kept tweaking, it would have been ruined in my mind.

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