Friday, January 21, 2011

Fresh Friday Fragments

Enjoy some fresh fragments.  You can get some here and if you go to the fragment broker herself, Mrs. 4444, you’ll find a vast selection of fragments.  (don’t who I’m referring to? click the button at the bottom of this post)

Pain tolerance - you probably know it can vary in each of us.  My one grandson, little Z (5+), has a very high tolerance.  My daughter, his mom, took him for a doctor’s visit because of fever and ear ache.  The doc asked him if he had pushed something into his ear.  Little Z gave the doc a strange look and said no.

The doc then using a different device was able to probe a bit more.  He told mom that the infection was one of worst he has seen.  No foreign objects in there just a very swollen ear canal.  Little Z probably had the infection for weeks.  He told them that the ear drum would burst.  It did during the night.

After his mom cleaned his ear mess up, he was in the bathroom and noticed the blood running out of his ear.  He was concerned and asked his mom about it.

Then there was the question of school.  He told mom that he felt ok to go but she needs to call the teacher.  Why she asked.

“You need to tell her I have blood coming out of my ear so she doesn’t freak out”


Ants retire - the bug world has many interesting things going on.

The type of ants that researchers found retired were the leaf cutter type in Central America.  My wife and I actually watched some of these on country road in Costa Rica once.  It amazes me how strong they are to be able to carry the leaves.

The research team reports that as the ants age their cutting jaws go dull (no ant dentists?).  The young ones have razor sharp jaws.  So instead of moving into the old ant section of the colony they continue work but change roles.  The old ants mostly carry leaves and stop cutting.  They still contribute to the colony.  Of course since they are already in Central America they don’t need to move for warmer weather.

The article doesn’t say how old the researchers were.  Here’s a link to it.


I heard a good analogy for having email/messages on a smartphone - the mailman following you around all day saying “Here read this one”.


Bears - Packers - blog bet (no contest really)  -  I’m thinking this game might generate more excitement than the superbowl itself.

If you know Mrs. 4444 then you know she is a big Packers fan (everyone has a right to an opinion).  You should check out her post this month where she ran around the house barefoot in the snow for the "Pack".

Well if she stops by here before Sunday morning I’m willing to make a blog bet with her.  The Wisconsin and Illinois governors are betting wearing the other’s jerseys while working in a food pantry.  That’s a win-win bet.

Here’s an interesting gown from The Complete Wedding Expo.  They also have a Packers version but why would you want to see that?

Mommy's Idea


Kristina P. said...

My pain tolerance is very low. I have an ear pimple and I want to die.

joaniemack said...

My daughter was like that. Double ear infection. No ear pulling, no crying. It wasn't until I saw a sticky crystal-y substance coming out of her ear (the ear drum had burst) that I was aware there was anything wrong.

lisleman said...

(a comment from Mrs. 4444 - she has a cranky work computer)
LOL!!!! I actually LOVE the idea of a Packers dress like that! As for the bet, I'm not really the betting kind (I know, no fun). When my dad passed away, the local casino sent a huge floral arrangement; his addiction beat the gambling gene out of me, I guess. Besides, if we made the bet, you would lose.haha

Your poor little Gson--That sounds kind of dangerous! :(

(guess I like comments so much I'll even post them from emails)

lisleman said...

There bad and good in that tolerance. The downside is you can have a broken bone and not realize it. Thanks for sharing.

lisleman said...

It's not fair to be called a wimp but people will say it. A sensitive type sounds much better. thanks

lisleman said...

thanks - oh read this too

MrsMeganC said...

Yikes! That is a high pain tolerance! LOL @ him being concerned about the teachers reaction though.

That is one ugly wedding (?) dress. Haha!

Happy Friday!

lisleman said...

I don't know much about fashion but a dark blue wedding dress would certainly be non-traditional. However, I bet there are some bears fans (maybe without shirts on) who would love to marry a lady dressed like that.

Pearl said...

As a person who has actually had an eardrum explode, I have nothing but sympathy here...


secret agent woman said...

I have one son who is very dramatic about pain and the other who is a stoic.

I saw those ants while in Costa Rica, too. Interesting about the distribution of work.

And I love having email on my phone!

W.C. Camp said...

Wow that is a nice gown - all she needs is a football shaped MINK handbag! Sorry about the little guy and his ear problem. I had shunts in my ears when I was a kid and it was not fun. Hope he feels better soon. W.C.C.

lisleman said...

I had plenty of ear aches as a kid myself. One of our daughters had the ear tubes. thanks for stopping by.

lisleman said...

I had plenty of ear aches as a kid myself. One of our daughters had the ear tubes. thanks for stopping by.

lisleman said...

Everyone is different even if you are related to each other.
Maybe because I can typically get online often through the day I don't see the need for my phone to be alerting me too. Hopefully you remember where the off button is on it. I think some people forget those things have off buttons. thanks

secret agent woman said...

Off button? If you mean a sound that alerts you to an email, I don't have my phone set to do that. I only know there is an email if I check emails, just like on a computer. It's like having a laptop small enough to fit in a pocket, with constant wifi availability when I want it.

lisleman said...

Good that is doesn't disturb others. I actually meant the complete off button. In certain places I just turn the phone off completely. I can turn it back on when I'm ready to be allowed to be interrupted. Not saying you are but people do get too focused on their phone (crackberry for some).

Beth Zimmerman said...

That wedding dress is SOMETHING! LOL! And I literally laughed out loud at the e-mail analogy! :)

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