Saturday, January 22, 2011

things dumb and dumber

Just in case you forgot this is a blog and of course the following is my opinion. You can express your opinion in the comments and if you are respectful (most everyone is) I’ll leave your opinion up here.

Today I heard about a few dumb things and thought you might want to know about them.

These ideas are candidates for my a-few-clowns-short-of-a-circus hall of fame which I have not started yet but should real soon.

Whisky in a can.

I don’t know if it is on the shelves at my local liquor store yet but I will skip past it. I don’t think beer should be in can. Certainly 12 ounces of whisky makes little sense in a pop-open can.

Most people drink whisky in a mix. If you do drink shots you still should use a shot glass. Hey did you notice, I just wrote “glass”. Whisky belongs in a glass that you can reseal.

Having your wedding at a funeral home

I could write many a post (note to self another to-do item) on the wasted money related to weddings. So don’t misunderstand, I am all for saving some money. There are other ways to save on wedding costs than booking your reception in a funeral home. Really.

A bizarre reception like this could run into problems. Most funeral homes I have visited have multiple rooms. What if there was a wake going on at the same time as your wedding reception? Weddings tend to be much louder than wakes.  You can't wake up the dead but you sure could bother their family.
"At first, when I pulled up and saw it was a funeral home, it did concern me," she admitted. "But when we walked in and saw everything, it was overwhelming. I fell in love and thought it was the perfect place. It was breathtaking ..."
Yeah that corpse in the next room isn't taking a breath.

Maybe you could get a great deal on slightly used flowers?

Finally - don’t text while walking in the mall
Look what can happen
(update 1/24/2011 - looks like youtube took the video down) 


Bearmancartoons said...

What is better is the woman in the fountain has just exposed herself for identity theft and is now no longer talking.

lisleman said...

there must be more to this story than I knew. I just thought it was an example of a klutz. The video clip is no longer available now.

lisleman said...

the article I linked on this points out that churches are used for both weddings and funerals. I consider the funeral home different. It depends on the activity in my opinion. For example I think it would cross the line if a gentleman's (odd name isn't it) club was used for weddings during the day.
There are always slightly different views on things so I'm sure they will find people to enjoy this setting.

blueviolet said...

I don't care how fantastic a funeral home might look...that's a bad omen for a wedding! That lady went ALL in the way in the water...too funny!

lisleman said...

thanks for stopping over here and sharing a comment.
Were you able to watch the clip? It went blank for me. When I checked on my youtube favorites it was listed as not available. Maybe you remember from TV or seeing it before? It has gone viral I guess.
Please look around, there is a variety of posts up here.

Barbara said...

Ugh on the first two and hilarious on the third!

lisleman said...

youtube has done it to me again - gave me a good video only to take it away. The clip I had included is no longer available.
I found a number of clip versions on youtube so I'm not what was wrong with the one I had select in the post. Here's another version of it.

lisleman said...

thanks - let me know when you get that house/garden rental going. I'll be a customer.

Mrs4444 said...

LMAO over the falling-in-the-fountain thing. Way too funny! A wedding in a funeral home? Maybe they're trying to drive the Til-Death-Do-Us-Part point home?

Sexdrugsandbaconsandwiches said...

A wedding in a funeral home - SERIOUSLY?!!! I could watch that women falling in all day - In fact I may just do that :)

PS I am back and no longer eternally distracted ;)

Kristina P. said...

The fountain thing is too funny. And now she's suing!

lisleman said...

I heard the idea that they could offer a package deal of wedding, anniversary parties, birthdays and wakes. A lifetime of savings - wish I thought of that slogan when I wrote the post.

lisleman said...

so you have been in that mall? Too many texters on the loose there.

lisleman said...

you are back and focused on fancy sandwiches during sex? Interesting combination.

joaniemack said...

Not for a long time, but I'll watch myself if I go there.

secret agent woman said...

I won't even drink beer in a can. Bottles, definitely. (I don't drink whiskey, though. In the days when I was a Scotch drinker, I drank them neat, so no mixes.)

lisleman said...

With the tough times you have lately I think a neat scotch might be a good option. Thanks for stopping by

Lisa said...

I can't get over the witnesses cracking up.

Everything can go in a can, I think.

joaniemack said...

That video happened at a mall near my home!

John (my "significant other") got married in a cemetery chapel. yeah, that one lasted about 3 years.

Whiskey (or any alcohol) in a can. Just wrong.

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