Thursday, January 20, 2011

dead space 2 me

Last night on comedy central we watched an unusual ad for a video game.

I’m not video gamer and do think many are just too graphic for real entertainment. The fact that they are rated tells me that industry is certainly not like the Tetris, Pac Man days I remember long ago.

A favorite computer game I played with the kids had the goal of flying a paper airplane through a house or building. You can have fun without violence.

But what do the rents (I remember when I was first called the rents - makes you feel old) know?

Video gamers are NOT the rents.

In fact the makers of Dead Space 2, Electronic Arts, decided that if your mom hates it then it must be cool and you will want it. Their mark of excellence is mom’s disgust of the game.

I admit their use of a clever URL name at the end of the ad did stick in my mind. They use the name yourmomhatesthis dot com.

The ads are going viral so their campaign is working to get the word out. I do question if the “word” in this case might be backlash. But maybe the typical hardcore gamer can buy their own game and watch it at their girlfriend’s place.

I’ll let others review the game since I don’t plan on playing it. But from watching some of the viral videos, I do think it has too much vomit. I guess I’m out of the loop. When did vomit become an attraction?

Video game aside, the strategy of using mom’s disgust of something to sell it is not a good trend.

Do you think we could flip it around? Your mom hates you doing your homework and getting good grades. This viral ad and its URL got me thinking so I just bought the URL

Any ideas of what I should do with that domain name?

Here’s a link to one of the clips that explains their ad campaign.   Dead Space 2 clip link


lisleman said...

I agree with you. Discussing your views with him is a good thing. Communication always is a good thing but both sides need to be listening and understanding. all the best.

Lisa said...

I clicked on the link and my son asked me "what are you watching", he came up to watch it with me and thought it was funny, his response, "but it's fun". He then emailed the clip to his friend.

What can I say.

lisleman said...

so do you think he would want something because his mom hates it? I thought this clip was sorta funny but I really don't understand why the games need to keep increasing the violence. Thanks for sharing it with your son.

Lisa said...

My son's best friend plays the game and it is his most favorite! So my son shared that video with his best friend. He asked me if I mind him playing the game. I said I don't like any of the games because I know all of them are violent and ridiculous.

Lisa said...

Lisleman, do you know of OMG Facts site? My son follows that site and I think you might enjoy it. It has OMG facts!!

unknownmami said...

Seriously, I can not get away from vomit lately.

lisleman said...

your comment is probably not funny to you but it was funny for me since thinking about the vomit is funnier than dealing with it. thanks

lisleman said...

thanks - that's very good to hear. Most people I believe know the difference between imaginary graphics and real life. I still don't see much benefit for kids to play them. Of course everyone's life needs good balance which can be a life long effort. all the best

Beth Zimmerman said...

Cute post! I don't think I'll click on the link. I have a 21 year old son living at home and his taste in video games is definitely NOT the same as mine would be! I stunk at PacMan though so what do I know! I would worry about the violence, etc. in the games (and I DID for years) but the person he is today does not seem to have been affected at all by the silly things!

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