Saturday, December 25, 2010

For the new year

I don’t join in on the resolution thing. Proclaiming of a New Year’s resolution probably is a conspiracy started by the weight loss industry which includes the fitness clubs. Besides, long ago I made a resolution never to make resolutions.

Last year I did plenty of exercise.  I even wrote about it which is exercise itself.

However I see nothing wrong with planning. Planning is good. Is a published plan a resolution? I don’t consider it that.

Thinking about the blog for next year, I have determined a small piece of my blog plan. I wrote it in the form of a disclaimer. What do you think? Feel free to follow my plan yourself.

Please note that I attempt to include in my blog something for everyone. I realize that some folks enjoy finding fault and for those readers I thoughtfully include a socially acceptable number of errors within the blog.


TechnoBabe said...

Funny disclaimer, lisleman. We could all use it. Ha. I for one don't read posts with a critical eye; I read with interest the subject and the meaning, and appreciate the talent and ideas of varied interests in all the blogs. We are fortunate to be in blogland, the land of variety and sharing and caring.

joaniemack said...

The only resolution I was ever able to keep was when I quit smoking on Jan 1, 1992. I haven't had one cigarette since.

lisleman said...

I also quit back in 1984. I'm so glad I did. Good for you for staying off those nasty things.

unknownmami said...

Happy New Year! I approve of the disclaimer.

Thisstopwilloughby said...

Great disclaimer! I'm with you on resolutions, I don't make them either. I guess they work for some people, but I've never really believed in them.

Stop by when you have a chance. I'm having a giveaway!

Aledys Ver said...

I liked that disclaimer, good idea!!! A Happy New Year to you!!

Mrs4444 said...

I love it. You may add my blog address to that (for those who need even more errors to criticize.)

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